My wife is having an affair and I don't want her to stop.

After being married for ten years we had drifted apart, especially sexually. One day I went out to lunch and decided to drop by the house to pick up some paperwork I had left there. I drove by just as she was pulling up. My first thought was that she was also dropping by to pick something up. Then the garage door opened and she went in and closed it. That I thought was funny. I parked in the street just as my phone rang, it was my boss asking a question. Ten minutes later I was finally off the phone and a bit irritated, he just asked stupid questions that could have waited.
I got out and walked in. She was not in the living room or kitchen so I went towards our bedroom. Before I even got to the door, which was wide open I could hear them. The unmistakable sounds of two people going at it hard!
I was in shock, I had no idea she would do something like that. I walked up and looked in not even knowing how I was going to react, maybe I was still in disbelief.
Her back was to me, she was on top of him and riding him hard. I could clearly see his rather large member going in and out of my wife's vagina. I had such a clear view I could even see how it glistened with her juices. She was already sweating and acting like she hadn't been screwed in a long time. I know she hadn't been screwed by me in weeks, I can't tell you had long it had been for her.
They where both close to orgasm, I guess I should have yelled and stopped them but I just stood there frozen. Then he started grunting and actually announcing that he was about to cum. She was saying go ahead, cum in me now. We never had talked like that but she seemed to like it. She kept saying stuff like I am cumming, fuck me hard, cum in me and a lot of other stuff she had never said to me.
Then she screamed a bit. Maybe not a scream but really close. He said oh fuck yes and let go. A few seconds later she just collapsed on top of him. Then it hit me, this is why I had to fix the headboard a few weeks ago. It had broken off.
It was then I noticed how hard I was. Really hard and so ready to cum. I was confused but excited? I walked out to my car, my erection poking my pants out. I got in and drove away rubbing it and before I even got a block away my pants where wet from my orgasm.
Of course I was immediately ashamed and even started to cry. I called work and told them I was sick and drove around. Later I went by the house and went in. Half afraid they would still be there but they where gone. I stripped and showered but that only washed away the dried cum it didn't wash away the shame.
I poured myself several and waited. I was going to tell her what I had seen but then the visions of her on top of him, riding him, letting him cum in her went thru my mind. I went into the bedroom and the sheets where stripped. I went to the hamper and there they where, buried under some other clothes. I pulled them out and stuck my face in them.
They reeked of sex, sweat, his cum and her pussy juice. I began to masturbate and let my juice join theirs on the spoiled sheets. A few more drinks and I passed out on the couch.
She came home to find me there. Drunk and passed out. She woke me and asked what was going on. I just told her I had a bad day at the office but all was well. I went to bed early that night in the spare room. I dreamed of her and other men all night and it sickened me that I was turned on by thoughts of my wife screwing other men.
I have not told her I know yet. I have set up a camera over the bed and now have videos of her and her lover which I masturbate to.
What is wrong with me?


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  • I think I would do what the man a couple of posts down said. Use the proof you have and take everything. No it isn't normal. My husband mentioned that once and then he changed his mind and it makes him sick to think about anyone else touching me. Get a divorce and move on with your life. Life is short and you deserve more.

  • My marriage had gone to shit. Sex was boring as hell. She would fall asleep and that made me feel like crap. I loved her but this was making me feel of no value. I also did not want to break up because of the kids.

    Then I discovered she was having an affair. At first it made me feel even worse. Then one day I told her I knew about it. She started with apologies and offers of divorce and what not. I said woh. We talked and we've found a new balance in our lives. The family atmosphere is now great. She is having her thing with her lover. I've had a few one night stands. I have no desire for anything with any commitment. Just a bit of casual sex.

    Just a new way to arange our lives.

  • That isn't a marriage and kids are smarter than you think and it makes the kids feel like crap when they realize their parents are cheating. I know. Get a divorce and find a stable relationship.

  • Take the videos to a good divorce lawyer. Change the locks, empty the bank accounts, change the life insurance and sell her car on Craig's list. When she see the scorched Earth she might learn you're not a man to fuck around on.

    OR, you can beg her to let you eat her lover's cum out of her stretched out pussy.

    Your call.

  • It's time to claim back your woman or send her packing. Be a man

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