Got a passing grade

I was not going to pass one of my courses in college so I thought I would try and convince him to give me a passing grade in exchange for sex. He was in his sixties for sure, sort of balding and not really overweight so I figured I could do it. He barely reacted at all when I brought it up and pulled out a piece of paper and began writing on it. He handed it to me and asked if I come but on Saturday around two pm, I smiled at him and said I would be there.
I showed up and he answered the door dressed about the same way he did teaching class, I was surprised when this woman walked out of a door way and said hello to me then invited me into the living room. She had some snacks and asked me if I liked tea then after probably half an hour of the three of us talking she asked if we were ready to head upstairs. I looked at the two of them and asked what they had in mind and the woman assured me it would all be fun.
Once he were in the bedroom I looked around at how big the room was, it had a king size four poster bed and two chairs with a table between them for sitting and reading. She came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me caressing my breasts thru my t-shirt. I had never been with a woman before and she was a bit on the heavy side compared to him, she began lifting up my shirt so I raised up my arms and then she continued to undress me until I was naked even pulling off my socks for me. She asked me to lay down on the bed and as i did so she took off her clothes and her breasts sagged down across her torso and she had a huge bush along with unshaven armpits. I watched as she brought her face right to my breasts and started kissing and licking them. I looked over at him sitting in one of the chairs with a smile on his face watching his wife start on me. After she had played with my breasts for a bit she sat up then started shuffling herself up towards me, she put both hands on the headboard and brought her very large breasts down to my mouth. I licked and sucked on her nipples then after several minutes she pulled herself back up and began kissing her way down the front of me settling down between my legs which were spread out pretty wide to accommodate her girth.
She kissed and teased me a lot then started licking me deeply, she kept looking up at me then closing her eyes for a bit as she enjoyed me. My first orgasm came on and she was still eagerly licking away on me, my second one came and she moaned out like she was having one also. She got up and came back up to my nipples again then rolled onto her side eventually settling on her back and I got the hint as she spread her legs out wide. I gave her the same pleasure starting at her breasts and working my way down between her legs. I started licking her with my eyes closed then spread my legs out wide to give him a view of me. She spoke after probably five minutes, I looked up at her and she told me no darling, not you, just keep doing what you are doing it feels wonderful. I then felt a warm mouth right on my rear end and realized he had joined us for some fun. I felt his tongue circling my anus and told myself again this was going to get me thru this class.
His tongue started going lower and I raised my hips up some to give him more access then tried to concentrate on her pussy to get her to finally orgasm, I had to be going on twenty minutes of licking her and had not noticed anything from her. I guess it was another ten minutes and she told me how great I did and to come up here, I laid down beside her looking down at him as he crawled towards me, I spread my legs out and started at his head going down between them. He licked me to another orgasm while she played with my nipples and breasts.
When he sat up his cock was soft as could be which I was partly thankful for, she grabbed it anyways and stroked on it some but then looked at me and told him to lay down, she was truly the dominate one of the relationship and she grabbed his cock by the base and pointed towards me. I leaned down and began sucking on him but nothing was growing, I felt her hands roaming my body as I sucked on him then after a short time he began moaning and I got a little taste of his cum trickling out. She was smiling big as I sat up and told me I was very beautiful and would I mind laying back down again so she could enjoy me some more. I laid back and she went right down and began licking me again to several orgasms.
I left afterwards feeling like I got the better end of this deal both ways, my grades came out and I had a B for his class which surprised me a bit considering I just wanted to pass.

11 months ago

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    • At university I was struggling with a statistics module. The professor and I came to an arrangement for a basic pass. I would visit his office immediately after the lesson (it was the last one of the day) and I would either give him a blow job or let him doggy me over his desk. We did it eight times, I got the pass I needed. OK so I was a bit of a whore but it got me what I wanted.

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