When I finally admitted my fetish

So - here is my confession. I am a 43 year old woman. Never married. I'm in pretty good shape and proud of it. I am gay. That part was easy to admit and happened years ago. The other admission to myself is what I truly like sexually. I felt "weird" for the longest time about what I was doing - but I loved it and it satisfied me so much more than you can imagine.

I place ads on dating web sites for adults looking for a younger woman who wants to be directed and watched making herself have an orgasm. I am always surprised at how many responses I get. But I get them. I have had a number of experiences that were beyond my wildest dreams. I love to picture that scene - a naked young (LEGAL) woman on a bed and I am sitting in a chair beside her. I am so proud of how she takes in a big d*****

2 months ago

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    • That is very hot! Fetish is just a generic term for a sexual act that is not mainstream. 100 years ago someone might have been accused of having a fetish for blowjobs. Or being eaten out.

    • That sounds super sexy. Are you naked and masturbating at the same time?

    • After a little while I take off my clothes and masturbate. It is very erotic to be dressed and watching - very powerful!! It is just as erotic to be nude with her too....

    • I think it would be a crazy turn on to watch you masturbate afterwards. I’m sure you must be dripping wet with excitement and have great thoughts. We all have masturbation thoughts that help us get off. Do you prefer dildos or just use your fingers?

    • I know that the woman that is there with me - now gets to watch me getting off. I like a big dildo, but fingers are nice too. What is nice is thinking about what a wonderful view it would be for someone to watch the two of us - nude - and getting off!

    • Being a gay woman what type of lady turns you on the most ? Do you ever physically touch , fondle or kiss your dates ? What are the most exciting things you would like to do to another woman?
      Sorry for all the Q’s but have never been able to talk this way to a gay lady.

    • Yes, yes and yes. What turns me on the most depends on my mood, situation at the time, my day - and probably a thousand other things too. Yes, sometimes we physically touch, kiss, and make love - other times - I never touch her. It depends. What I would like to do to a woman? I have done that and will do it again. Control her actions and feelings through my directions - and watching her pleasure grow until she can no longer bear it - and just lets go.

    • I would love to lay on the bed in just my suntan pantyhose and have you watch me pleasure myself in them as your hands slide all over my feet and legs for an hour before we really make love.

    • Thanks for the reply. I’ve never had a gay relationship but as I get older I sometimes think it’s possible. The thought of watching another man masturbate right in front of me sounds exciting , no way I could just sit there. I wouldn’t know where to even start with this idea.
      It would be super hot to watch my sexy mature wife masturbate in front of someone.

    • Write me (asap) to this email (then I'll email you my real address and close that one for spam reasons) sarahw3939@gmail.com - i'd like to correspond with you.

    • I don’t know if I should do that. To many things could go wrong. I have kids and family that have no idea I have thoughts like I do. It would be a real mess if they found out. I would enjoy keeping up correspondence with you , am I being to cautious?

    • I'm a professional person. I am harmless. We are exchanging emails - nothing more. It is entirely up to you. I was just very curious to learn more about you and your sexual desires. I am curious about you and you are curious about me. We have no romantic interests now and never will.

    • Let me add to what I just wrote. If you don't feel comfortable - don't do it. I would never want to cause harm in someone else's relationship.

    • If the wife ever read any of the emails it would be ugly, I know you understand that. Can we just keep doing this ? Start a new post from time to time. Sorry I’m so chicken.
      I can’t stop thinking of you directing another nude woman to an orgasm then taking care of yourself. I’ve been fantasizing of that with me and someone else. Secretly I would love to have another woman watching us.

    • Believe me I understand the thinking about it all the time. This weekend - I had a nice date. A candle lit room - a beautiful nude young woman. She is in pure pleasure. Almost there - she is so wonderful. And it is beautiful when she cums.

    • I’m a 63 year old lesbo, was “straight “ for too long, the first time I went down a delicious woman was maybe 30 years ago. I came from eating her out,,,, I was hooked after that

    • Very nice! I would love someone to do that with me!

    • You need to find someone to do that to you. One woman remarked that it was the most powerful orgasm she had ever had while I watched her. I'd encourage you to try and find someone to explore with.

    • Nice

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