Fantasies made into realities: Adventure #2

After my first fantasy it only enhanced my craving for more adventures...

I last spoke of my new friend Greg, my partner in my craving for new fantasies. He sometimes inspires me.

I met a couple not long ago. A very attractive younger couple. Both professionals but the ultimate freaks. We became friends rather quickly and wasn’t long before they asked me to join them in the bedroom. I was reluctant at first. I had never done a threesome with a couple.

After much thought and advice from my friend Greg, I accepted.

After a few drinks we attended a party in which many in attendance were swingers. We decided to take a private room or at least started as one.

We all undressed. They both fondled me enthralled with my large breasts. Each taking one in their mouth. I had never been with a woman, so I was a bit nervous. She found my pussy with her fingers gently making their way inside. I in the meantime was busy stroking his dick. It didn’t take long to get him hard. I needed to taste him. I brought to my mouth as his wife had me so wet. She knew how to touch me.

I was so turned on. She moved her mouth down to my dripping pussy. It felt so good. She had me coming quickly and having multiple orgasms.

He put me on all fours as he slid his big dick inside my dripping pussy. She was under me licking my pussy and his dick as he was pumping hard. That was amazing to feel that warm tongue flapping against my clit. I came again and again! The only thing missing was Greg! I wanted him to be part of this and to feel the pleasures I was feeling!

He turned me over and came on my breasts. His wife licked his cum as he ate her pussy and ass until she came hard.

We all laid there exhausted but content. It was fulfilling in every aspect!

Next time I’d like there to be four...until next time

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