I'm in love with my sister.

I'm in love with my sister and there is nothing i can do about it.

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  • I fucked my sister as a teen we are now in our 50s and we still fuck when we want too.
    It's great sex

  • I don't have a sister, but my friend does. She has a great body and he fucks her, and sometimes I get to fuck her too.

  • Pretty normal since they're the one you spend most time with and are most comfortable with. You watch em grow into beautiful young women, then adults. And they fine af. I wouldnt mind getting my dick sucked by one of my sisters.

  • That's cause you're a horny teenager. I used to check out my sister too when I was teenager. Look at when she was laying out nude sun tanning. Check her out in the shower. Go lay on her bed and jackoff.

  • I think most young teenage boys are attracted to their sisters, it"s just natural. Living in close proximity to a female around your own age, while your sex hormones are coursing through your body creates a temptatin that very few boys can handle. Sibling sex is very common, although few will admit it. You should let your sister know how she feels, and tap that tight young ass if she will let you. If not, you might hit your mom up for a piece of ass.

  • Thanks, but she's married with two kids and I'm married too.

  • That should not be a problem. My wife knows that I still fuck my sister occasionally, and she's okay with it. No reason to be jealous, she's my sister.

  • New commenter here. First of all, to each their own, no judgment here, but the thought of sleeping with my sister just turns me off.

    Me and my girlfriend used to have bunch of friends who all loved playing sex games. We would get together and play strip poker, truth or dare, quarters, spin the bottle, and any other sex game we could think of. We normally finished the night pretty drunk and going home with someone other than our own partners by way of fishbowl keys.

    My sister and her boyfriend were part of our group of friends, and although I regularly saw my sister naked doing sexual acts to others and vice versa. There was only one rule that was enforced. My sister and I would never do anything together. So if my bottle landed on my sister, I spun again. If my sister pulled my keys from the fishbowl, she tossed them back and pulled again. For as long as we all played those games, her and I never did anything sexual together.

  • Is that an issue?

  • You're probably not alone

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