Found some old Polaroids of my wife...

My wife Debbie has always had a habit of not pushing her dresser drawers all the way back in. Drives me nuts. I'm always pushing them back in whenever I do the vacuuming (one of my weekly household chores). Last weekend while Debbie was at work one of the lower drawers became jammed when I pushed it back in, so I had to yank it out so that I could put it back in straight. Once it was out, I noticed that my wife had hidden a small box under there.

I gasped when I opened it up. It was full of old Polaroids (remember those?) of my wife having sex with two of our old neighbors back in the early 1990s; we moved out of state and far away from this neighborhood back in 1996, but I do remember both Keith and Tim having thing for my wife. They both lived in the houses behind us and were constantly flirting with her whenever they saw her. Whenever I'd say something to Debbie about this she'd always reassure me by saying "they can look but they can't touch."

Now I know otherwise!

The weird thing is these pictures really turned me on and I spent the next hour looking through them and beating off to them. There were 40 photos in total. Some of them were taken around our old house (probably while I was on a business trip) but others were taken at either Tim's or Keith's houses (obviously when their wives and kids weren't around). There was one taken in Tim's garage with Debbie bent over the hood of Tim's car while Keith fucked her from behind. That one was probably my favorite.

Both Tim and Keith are nicely hung in these photos, definitely larger than me. Guessing Tim to be around 7" but Keith's was enormous. Easily 9" and very thick. A product of his Italian heritage, maybe?

I snapped photos of each Polaroid with my smart phone so that I could beat off to them whenever I want, then I put the box back beneath Debbie's dresser where I found them.

Makes me wonder what other men she's been fucking since then?

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  • I found a bunch of old polaroid pics in a shoebox that my wife had stuffed up in the closet, it was over a 100 pics of her blowing her ex husband. Some pics were just over the top hot porno things going on, like her eating cum and cum splashed on her face. I put all the pics back in the box and never said a word about it !! I do have a look from time to time,,,

  • I wouldn't have a problem with the pics, but with the cheating and cover up. Maybe she left her slut ways behind her, but maybe not. She might be hard to trust at this point. My wife has a few racy pics of her in the early '90s, but it was before we were together. In them, she's nude and hanging with two other nude guys, drinking beers. And they are watching some woman friend getting fucked on a couch. I'm guessing my now wife got fucked too, but she wasn't cheating, and what she did with friends before we got together is her memories and her business. Cheating is a big no-no, though.

  • Trust me, your wife has fucked other men both before and after "Tim and Keith" back in the 90s. She's had somebody in every place you've ever lived. Once a whole, always a whore. Surprised she hasn't given you the clap.

  • I’d love to find something like that if my wife, that’s hot

  • VERY hot. My wife has always had a great figure but it was so much tighter back then. Since snapping pics of the Polaroids with my phone, it seems all I do now is sit in the bathroom at work jerking off to them.

  • That's so hot! With a few exceptions, the only photos of my wife fucking other men are ones that I took. The exceptions are ones that her regular guy took and then sent to me.

  • I found an old mobile phone with lots of pictures and some videos of my wife (before we were together) and her ex.I'm glad she kept her sexy adventurous side and that sexually stamina and she still loves giving blow jobs.I honestly have to admit that I have wanked off numerous times to the videos of my wife's taking her exs big cock in her pussy or her sucking him off.

  • I took polaroids in the 70's of my peers, both female and male. Most were of naked body parts, no faces. Some were everything, no holds barred. Lots of b/j's, handjobs, and fucking. I eventually took some that had to be developed and a photographer friend helped me with those. Only a few of my subjects came back to me and wanted the pictures, and promptly destroyed them, or, kept them for themselves. I always held out one of two for myself. Most of the subjects forgot about them, completely. Lots of drugs consumed back then. I kept them for four decades, placing them in plastic sleeves, and hiding them in a record album cover, some band I liked but nobody else did. Occasionally, I would pull them out, and remember the old days. My wife knew of my past, the bisexual stuff, everything, but, she never saw the pics.

  • Wow, that must be hot to look at

  • Seeing how young everybody was, we were all thinner, everybody had pubic hair. It was an amazing time to be alive. I think the appeal to me, in my older age was being down in my man cave / party room, rubbing one out to the images of yesteryear, hiding something, sneaking around, or even better, getting rock hard, and appearing before my wife, waving my erection. "Oh my, what are you thinking about ? " she'd ask, peeling off her gown for a roll in the sack. "You, honey !", I would lie, thinking of an 18 yr. old skinny girl with her lips around my cock, or the young buck waving a giant tool and smiling because he knew he was going to get off.

  • Few years after my dad passed Mom wanted to sell the house, she asked me to bring everything down out of the attic. I was going thru boxes and found three with stacks of porn magazines and one of them had dozens of pictures in them. It took me a second to realize that the black haired woman in them was my mother but then there were two other woman in some of them. Looks my dad had a few girlfriends on the side.

  • I took some steamy nude polaroids of my wife in the late 1989s and we left them on a bedroom dresser under some papers and forgot about them. Months later we hired a guy to paint the room and his crew moved the furniture in the process. When the left on the first day my wife found the pics across the room on a small table. She was too embarrassed to say anything to them, but later told me it was an incredible turn-on to see how they looked at her for the rest of the time they were at our house.

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