Any dads here

What's the naughtiest thing u ever did

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  • I saw pics of my daughter in law. The pics were on a ipad and somehow I got the password to open it and in her photos were some really nice pics of her, not nude but showing quite a bit. my fear if she realizes that I have seen them, she may never let me visit my grandchild again!

  • My friends and I were at the beach and I was feeling really turned on for some reason. I liked a few of the guys that were hanging out with us but had never been with them sexually, one of my friends and I went to the bathroom and I told her when she thought the opportunity was right sneak up behind me and pull my bikini top off my breasts. I was standing there talking with one of them a bit later and she did just that reaching around me and spreading my top right off of them. His eyes popped out of his head when he saw them bare in front of him, I never got with either one of them but they tried like hell to make it happen.

  • When I was in college I lived with two other guys but one was never around on the weekends. I have always been bi and have been playing with other guys since middle school, my roommate and I would go out but most of the time always strike out with the women. We got back to the apartment one night and he was completely wasted, I told him I was going to clean him up and put him to bed. Five minutes after laying him down his mouth was open and he was out cold, I slid his shorts down and off so I could play with his cock. I had done this a few times with another friend of mine but we just pretended to be asleep, his idea of anonymous I guess.
    My roommate never even changed his breathing until about ten minutes into stroking and sucking on him. He began moaning but never really moved around at all while I was slurping on him from head to base, his cock was not very long, maybe five inches at most but pretty hard. I heard him moan a few more times and felt his shaft swelling up underneath, I sucked and swallowed him down then kept right on sucking on him for quite some time just enjoy it.
    The next morning I asked him how he slept and all was good, he had a little bit of a headache but did not even realize he had been given a blow job. I was able to do this several times over the two years we lived together and only one time did he say some actual words, all he ever said once was "God, that feels so f'ing great".

  • When I was a teenager I went camping one night with 2 of my friends. Later that night 4 other people showed up that we didn't know. One of them was a girl and 3 guys. We all sat and talked until the girl and one of the guys got up and went to their car. After a short time the guy returned and another one went to the car. I turned to one of the guys and asked what they were doing. He said they were taking turns fucking the girl in the car. I thought he was full of shit, but then the other guy came back and he got up and went to the car. Both him and the girl returned a few minutes later. I asked the guy again what they had done. He told me again that they had taken turns. I told him that was bullshit. He turned to the girl and asked her to take me to the car and show me what they had done. The girl stood up and I followed her to the car. When we got in the back seat she quickly took her clothes off and then asked me if I was going to fuck or not. I took my clothes off and shoved my dick in her wet pussy.

  • I had a female coworker who was talking about her tits and said her husband had never wanted a picture of them. Jokingly I told her I would love a picture of her tits. She laughed and then said here and pulled out her shirt. I quickly pulled my phone out and snapped a picture down her shirt. Right after I snapped the picture she told me she was just kidding and told me to delete the picture. I begged her to let me keep it, but she told me no and made me give her my phone. She deleted the picture and handed me back my phone. What she didn't know was I have an undelete app to restore deleted photos. I excused myself to the bathroom where I used the app and recovered the photo. She gave me a hard time when I returned saying I was in the bathroom jacking off from seeing her tits. I just smiled, little does she know.

  • I was bent over at work one day showing someone something on their screen when my manager walked by and asked me to come see him when I was finished. We talked a little bit and we had a pretty good relationship after several years of working together, I joked with him and told him thanks for not slapping my rear when you walked by and he told me it was certainly tempting.
    I looked out the front of his office and saw no one so I quickly bent over his desk next to him and looked back at him. He spanked me one time and then laughed about it. I stayed late letting the office clear out, went into his office again but this time I lowered my pants and let him spank my bare bottom.
    He loved it and told me I was just trying to butter him up for a good bonus, I told him he could spank me anytime he wanted.

  • Did it give you a hard on?

  • There was this mean girl who was posting bad shit on my friend's social media, so my friend and I planned revenge. We seduced her bf and had a FFM threesome with him. I even took a selfie of me eating his nut out out of my friend's pussy.

  • I got a girl drunk at a party in high school and me and seven other guys all fucked her.

  • Was she passed out? Did you use condoms or all nut in her? I have always wanted to be gang banged.

  • No she wasn't passed out but well beyond saying no, we took turns with her one at a time, me and two other guys went more than once. I don't know about the other guys but I didn't use a condom and I don't think they either.

  • Fuck... my fantasy. Would love to be taken advantage of like that, filled with cum.

  • Jacked off a Ladyboy in the Philippines in a public bathroom just to see what a cock feels like.

  • Neighbors went on a trip last summer and asked my wife and me to keep an eye on their house and to stop by at least twice a day to feed their damn cat and clean the litter box. My wife had to go out of town for two-night business trip during this time which left me all alone to take care of the neighbors. I'd always had a thing for the wife so when I let myself in I immediately stripped naked in their foyer to roam around their house in the nude (I knew they didn't have any cameras). I rummaged through the wife's underwear/lingerie drawer and found some fun things in there to play with. Went into their master bathroom and found a small tub of the wife's facial cream which was white and moist...the perfect repository for the huge load of cum I was building up. I was wearing a pair of the wife's panties and beating off in front of their bathroom mirror and the facial cream open in front of me on the counter. When I got close, I picked up the little jar and positioned it directly in front of my cockhead. I shot a HUGE load into the jar of facial cream, which I then stirred in really well so the wife would have no idea.

    The next time I saw her, I could have sworn her face had an extra glow about it.

  • Being a serial peeper. No, I never wanted it to progress beyond that, I never wanted physical contact. Peeping was enough, in fact, it was everything.

  • College graduation party, in the hot tub, friends daughter rubbing my dick with her foot, thought it was her bf, she felt embarrassed. Kept apologizing, I told her I liked it, and the flirting began, and before u knew it I was fucking this 21 year old, in her dads car, at his office. Even had that ass when she babysat, I made an excuse to come home early

  • Wife had a gay friend of hers over. In conversation I mentioned that I hadn't gotten a bj in a long time. She said, "I don't do that anymore. You'll have to have Mike do that." I unzipped my pants and he did indeed suck it. Right in front of the wife.

  • Did he swallow your load?

  • I love sucking cock in front of a guys wife or girlfriend! Especially when it is his first time that he has let a guy do that for him!

  • Took the wife on a short break without the kids.Ive crossed over the 40 line but my wife is 37.She looks as hot and sexy as ever.I asked if she'd be up for some sexual adventures with another partner.She asked what kind.I said its about time we had a threesome or that I shared you.She was up for it.

  • Anyone fucked any bald pussy

  • Licked it

  • How bald?

  • I painted two, thin electrical wires white and attached them to a battery which I stashed behind a commode in the teacher's bathroom. The lighting in the middle of the room didn't provide the best illumination in the stall, so the wires were not easy to spot.

    Here's the thing:

    Salt water conducts electricity.
    Urine contains salt.

  • Sucked a cock

  • Would you like to suck my cock. Never had my cock sucked by a guy.

  • I would love to suck your cock, and swallow.

  • I was in my late fifties, and was dating a 23 year old stripper. I let her fuck me with a strap on. Sometimes she would bring one of her girlfriend over for a three some. She was bi.

  • Screwed my friends 19 year old daughter

  • Would love to have someone do that to me. I’m 18

  • I would be happy to sweetheart!

  • Tell us more

  • Your lucky

  • Was going through a break up with my wife,had to stay with this friend.His daughter was 18 at the time and so flirty.The things she did when her parents weren't around,like walk in on me when I was in the shower or walk into my room in her underwear.I did flirt back and very nearly did something to her but I held back.Eventually I moved out into my own place.Sometime later she visited me and was quite open and forward about things.Seeing as she was technically a woman making her own decisions I didn't hold back and gave that young girl a pounding.Was really great sex too.

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