What became of that slutty girl we knew back in School?

There is always a girl you remember from school days that would let boys do stuff. In my case she was called Debbie. There were always hot stories about her circulating around the school and eager groups of boys following her around wanting to have some fun with her.
I remember this one summer evening when I was hanging out at the recreation centre with my friends when a group of guys I knew turned up. They had been drinking down in the woods all afternoon and Debbie was with them, she was barely able to walk without assistance from one of the group. I noticed that the guy helping her was also copping a feel of her tits every chance he got and so were the four other guys that were going out of their way to assist her in any way they could. It was very clear that she wasn't making any attempt to stop them; I would even say she was actually enjoying the attention.
A friend came over and told me that she was out of it after playing a series of drinking games with them in the woods and everyone was trying to get in her pants. Of course this immediately got me hard and like a puppy dog I was like the rest of my friends bidding for her attention.
It wasn't long before some of the older guys who hung out nearby got wind of her condition and quickly took control of the situation. I can still remember two of them leading her behind the recreation centre. Of course we couldn't resist sneaking back to watch the action.
She was really out of it and they took her to a dark corner and started on her straight away. I still can picture her limp in their arms being set down on a bench. They quickly took off her top and played with her tits. I could hear her protesting but not with any conviction. One of the guys pulled down his pants and pushed his hard dick towards her face. I saw her open her mouth and take him in. As he pumped his cock in her mouth the other started pulling down her shorts.
About this time one of my friends made a noise and the older guy who was pulling down her pants yelled at us to leave or we would pay a price for watching. It was hard for me to leave but I didn't have much choice, so made our way to the front of the building and we watched as several other older guys walked to the back of the recreation centre. We could imagine them waiting in line to take a turn with her.
About two hours and five guys later I saw Debbie appear, she being helped by one of the older guys back to the front of the recreation centre. She looked exhausted, her hair was wet with their cum and her makeup smudged. They hadn't even bothered to fasten her top properly and I could see her partially exposed tits wobble and almost spill out as the stumbled towards us. The guy helping her was the older brother of one of my friends. He came over to me and asked me if I wanted to go to back to his house for a chance of fucking her. They were planning to take Debbie over there to carry on the party since his parents were out for the night.


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  • I know where this girl is, because I married someone very similar. I have heard lots of stories about things she got upto back in school and it still gets me hard every time I hear them

  • My parents would go out of town all the time and I knew soon I would be on my knees again. I accidentally broke a piece of furniture one time and my brother told me that if I kept him happy he would tell them that he broke it and take the heat for it. I was young and so naïve but my mom did have a temper and I had been spanked for less in the past so I did it. I got down and sucked away until I was swallowing again, he always liked to be standing, he wanted his balls licked and played with first. He even sometimes tied my arms behind my back and wrapped my hair up in his hand, I would just kneel there mouth open sucking until he was satisfied.

  • Walked in and caught my sister with a group of guys
    It was at a party, someone told me that some drunken slut was being gangbanged upstairs.
    When I got to the bedroom I couldn’t believe what I saw, they had my older sister stretched out completely naked on the bed, and one guy was fucking her while she took another in her mouth. There were two other boys kneeling on the bed at either side of her stroking their cocks and playing with her tits while they waited for their turn. I approached to try and stop them, but one of the guys kicked me out and locked the door.

  • We need to accept that some women are wired this way and can’t help responding to flirting and male attention. I would assume that a very high percentage of wives have cheated at some time in their married life. Often unintentionally, but if the circumstances are right, or alcohol is involved they may be tempted to stray. My wife confessed to me that she had drunken sex with a guy she met on her Bachelorette party, just a week before we were married. We are still together despite this as her honesty strengthens our trust.

  • A lot of girls will indulge in this kind of group sex when they are away from home, especially on vacation, as they think no one knows them there.
    I worked in Kavos a few years ago and as I would make my way back to my apartment at the end of my shift, it was not uncommon to see a drunken girl entertaining groups of men on the beach at night, I have even joined in myself and the girls are definitely up for it. I have seen attractive looking girls fuck several strangers on the beach, or go back to an apartment with a group of guys they meet in the bars, knowing they will all want to share in the action.
    I am sure they will all go back home to their boyfriends and co-workers with nice pictures taken around the pool and no mention of what happened whilst they were away.

  • My wife shares this fantasy; she has always been turned on by assertive men who are not afraid to take what they want. She likes it when I tie her up for sex. She always cums harder if I tie her to the bed. Once she is aroused I can take her orally or anally, however I please and the rougher I am the more she seems to like it.

  • I was in my mid 30s when something similar happened to me. The boys were around 18 – 19, they were strong and athletic, so had no problem in making me submit to their will. I enjoyed being restrained whilst they used me like a slut. I often fantasize about it when making love with my husband, my orgasms are so intense when I do this.

  • This reminds me of a story my wife once told me,
    I have known her since high school, but we only got together after we left.
    She confided that two of her classmates forced her, when I asked her for more detail; she told me that after her dad left, her mom had taken a full time job and worked every Saturday.
    One day after her mom had left for work someone rang the doorbell whilst she was in the shower, they kept ringing so she eventually came down to answer the door still wrapped in a towel. When she opened the door it was two of boys from her class. As soon as they saw what she had on they pushed passed her and into the house locking the door behind them. They soon had the towel off and were kissing and groping her naked body.
    She knew no one would be home for hours, so thought that if she let them do what they wanted, they would leave once they were satisfied, but they kept her naked and took turns with her all day.
    I could sense her arousal as she was describing the event and asked if they made her cum. She admitted that she could not help herself. I asked if it had happened more than once and she admitted that once they realized she hadn’t told anyone, the boys visited again when they knew she was alone in the house.

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