Confused about wife's jealousy

Should my wife get upset whenever I walk around naked in front of her friends and Mother? I'm never dressed whenever I am relaxing and tanning in the pool because my cock is to large to confine inside clothes. Nothing has ever happened sexually between any of us except my wife always wanting to suck and fuc.k with friends and Mother watching.

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  • Meghan is a huge bully she abuses a lot of girls and she fights like a pig. she even attacks from behind and she doesn't even know why she is attacking women. meghan markle is a bitch. no one wants her husband and that is something I would bet my ass on. so dumb as he is and why she is so pig headed and she can't take one critical comment. Meghan is a scam and a freak. Meghan rapes women of white color and has no idea what she is doing with her silly blacks. She wants them to kiss her crack and her babies crack but its like so over it with the kid and her and dimwit. meghan needs to be shut down. what she did to yankee wally is so sick. she was always going to harm that lady just bc meghan wants to be diana , well hon, go whiten up then. blonde your hair. or be a diana for niggertards like yourself. but stop being the fake snake you are. sneaky little whore. I ment harry there, and she is a snakey hoe. hurt me again? don't you dare megaslut or I will hurt you. I can bite. fartchie will bite you. naughty momma drama.

  • Just bs

  • Yeah... of course....

  • You are a legend in your own mind, and the rest of it makes no sense.

  • Explain the last bit please?

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