Abuse Fetish

Whenever my girlfriend and I are alone I abuse the fuck out of her, its our weird fetish. She's basically submissive to me I grab her whenever I want. When we get in arguements it always ends in sex. My goal isn't to hurt her but she'd like it when I'd slap her every so often. My favorite is when she's on the phone with her friend and ill bend her over the table and do it hard, we've only been caught once. Another would be when she gets me mad she apologizes by bending over in front of me. Sometimes id shut her up by forcing her (we had a safe word "poop" lol to gross the other out) but we never used it. She had to take a day off work a couple times because I wouldn't stop doing it all day.

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  • I dated a woman for two years who didn't just like her hair pulled during sex, but needed it. Would tell me to yank her head back, pull her hair hard, and snap her neck, forcing her to stay there while I plowed into her. The harder I pulled and yanked her head back, the hotter she got, and would dig her long nails into my arms and back, which also did it for me. She even bit my face a few times, and loved when I said I owned her. It was a real thing with her every time we had sex. I had to pull her hair, yank her head back, and tell her that I owned her, while she dug her nails into me and sometimes bit my face.

    Sex with her was so satisfying. We were both kinda sick and rough in our own way.

  • I would like my soft spoken strong boyfriend to discipline me and then fuck the pain away..

    I will suggest this to him as soon as he marries me :-)

  • Put your fingers down her throat and make her puke

  • That's hot!

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