How can I get my neighbor(s) to seduce my wife?

My wife is a long-legged Italian brunette. Legs that go on for miles with a beautiful heart-shaped ass. Just to give you an idea of how long her legs are: I'm 5'11" and she's 5'10" and still her legs are A FULL 6" longer than mine at the inseam! No shit! Gorgeous thighs, well-toned. She looks absolutely incredible in her little denim mini-skirts and cut-offs. And she knows what she's got, believe me. She's not shy about showing it off, either. Our two next door neighbors, Tim and Keith (both married), are constantly flirting with her when she's out working in our backyard...sometimes they'll even flirt with her right in front of me. But instead of pissing me off, it gets me rock hard thinking about them fucking her when I'm not around. And I would really like to make this happen! I have absolutely no desire to watch or participate; I just want to know they're keeping her satisfied whenever I'm out of town on business. The only thing I'd ask in return is for them to call me whenever I'm in my hotel on the road to tell me all about what they've been doing to her so that I can beat off over their stories. Phone sex with a twist, you know? Maybe snap some pics of her cheating on me and sharing them with me. That would be fucking awesome.

So how do I go about broaching this to Tim or Keith or both?

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  • Yes I was stroking it, I was sniffing the pair of panties I took after I fucked the shit out of her and wiped her juices off,thanks for permission now I'm not going to feel guilty (.Y.)

  • That's awesome, Tim. How long have you been fucking her? Does Lori know? What kind of things does Fran let you do to her? How big is your cock compared to my 6"? I know you've got a great build which Fran has told me she's always admired since we see you out jogging almost every day. Have you ever coaxed Fran into the woods when you bump into her out on one of her walks?

  • Just a couple of times, and no one knows just her and you now

  • By all means don't feel guilty. I can only imagine how hard she makes you, so I'm glad she's putting out for you. She's never let me buttfuck her, so I'm REALLY hoping you can teach her how to do that. And I mentioned the woods across the street from our houses in my last post. I'd really like you to have sex with her out there, too, and then tell me all about it.

  • Are Tim and Keith gay? I have major fantasies about me or my husband being seduced by a woman even though we're gay.

  • I don't know. They're both married. I'm bisexual (wife doesn't know) and I've often fantasized about Tim or Keith (or both) doing me...either in front of Fran or by ourselves.

  • Tell them you really want it to happen and promise there will be no repercussions

  • Easy this is Tim just ask (.Y.)

  • Hi Tim! I'm in my home office today and Fran is gone at her job. If you have time, stop on by before she gets home and we can talk about the logistics. Have you been fantasizing about her? I've seen you checking her out from your bedroom window with your binoculars when she's been out on our deck reading wearing her little tops and cut-offs. But what I couldn't see was whether or not you were stroking it while watching her.

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