I set my wife up

Years ago I always wanted to watch my wife fuck another guy.
She would never agree and I never tried to talk her into it. I knew like most wives they would never fuck another guy and let you watch.
Well I had a good looking guy a worked with we became close and talked about a lot of stuff like that.
Long story short I had him try to seduce my wife with out my wife knowing I knew him.
He met her at the store she always goes to.
Filling me in it took him weeks with no success
So I started avoiding sex with her for a few weeks
Let any wife go without it’s not much different then men. They get horny too.
And when you are horny you do things you normally won’t do.
He ended up meeting her at a star bucks I tip him off she goes there sometimes and I set it up where I told my wife I had to work one night knowing he had been trying to get her to meet him in evenings.
She never did because she said I was home. So he calls her when I leave and sure enough it finally worked and she went out with him.
He took her out for drinks and he said she was all nervous about being out in public with him so he took her home. He text me and told me
I snuck up to house in dark and it was the most exciting thing I ever done watching him in our living room fucking my wife.
She was very wild and aggressive with him I could hear her grunts and moaning.

I came home the next morning. She was quite
And wouldn’t look at me.
I was horny after watching her the night before
And ended up fucing her that morning. She held me tight made love to me like she hadn’t for a long time. I felt her tense up and climax . She never told me about what she did. She wouldn’t let him to my disappointment see her again. She felt guilty I guess . I knew better than to let her know I was envolved.

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