Nice Lingerie

Today was reasonably hot so when I came home I turned on the air conditioner, had a nice cold shower, and got into a new hot pink pantie and bra set I then made myself up and put on my wig, suspenders stockings and heels, I love the look and feeling it is so fantastic being able to walk around the house fully aware that if my wife, her mother or divorced best girlfriend that lives next door decides to come by they will not worry at all because for about 2 years they have seen me dressed femme, made up and totally accept it.
My wife has suggested that if Helen (her best friend) and I wanted sex because Helen has not had a prick in her for over six months and apparently is crawling the wall horny she certainly would not object but that we should do that at Helen's house and that I should tell her all about it afterwards.
Helen is a pretty hot piece with wonderful body and personality often coming over in very skimpy gear, occassionaly swimming in our pool and sunbathing naked with my wife, I would really love to shag her senseless, I am concerned it could cause marital problems and don't want that my wife is just so wonderful.
Any thoughts that may assist ?

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  • Certainly have a serious three way discussion, it sound's like you are all sensible people so I don't think it will create any problem's.
    Your wife sound's terrific

  • Your very lucky being able to wear your lingerie with little worries as to who comes around, My wife is the only one that sees me and she likes it.
    As far as having sex with Helen I am sure it would be OK but you must set the ground rules first with the three of you sitting in and agreeing, my wife has a lesbian lover a nice girl and they have been doing it since high school and it works really well she sees her girlfriend about once every 12 days for the night and other than that we have a wonderful sex life, they do go for a holiday together at least twice a year.
    Maybe if you started sex with Helen say three nights for the first week so you both get comfortable and she slows down being so horny then start cutting it down to say once a week where you sleep over.
    Let us know how you go shagger !!!

  • Let your wife have some cock watch her take it make her tell you how much she loves you watching her get fucked by another guy have her keep telling you how much she loves to get fucked while you watch she wants you to see what the guy does to her and she will join you and her friend just keep going back and forth than try letting your wife alone for a couple hours with the guy and let you alone with her friend a couple hours and when you are done you both have sex with just each other and tell each other what you did to the other person and what the other person did to you and you two will have the best sex you ever had together I was the guy once and it really worked for them they had me come back several times after doing different things every time. Columbus Ohio (Mike) six one four three three zero three two four zero give me a call and I will tell you on the phone what I will do and you jack off and make her watch you jack off lots of women axctaly like that and that will turn her on put the phone on speaker phone and let her hear what I'm saying you might get lucky and she will finger her self and like doing it in front of you be surprised try me

  • My wife does not want to have sex with other guy's she just want's me to help Helen

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