This is true what I'm about to tell you im going to try to get to the point quickly . Me and my wife some years ago met a couple on holiday Andy and Sue and we got on really well ended up good friends and staying in touch . Well we had a big house so they would come and stay with us on occasions and it was good , Unfortunately Sue passed away but we insisted Andy still came and stayed with us it wasn't the same in many ways Andy had changed without Sue . He was lonely frustrated he would say inappropriate things to my wife watch her moving about and kind of letch after her . The first thing he did that I know of I caught him watching my wife sleeping on are bed he was looking up her skirt at her knickers . The last thing to date I feel ashamed of my self my wife does not know anything about this , I caught Andy looking through the glass panel above our bedroom door when we was having fun . Not only did i not say anything I let him keep watching and put on a show for him i don't think he knows I could see him . What happens now?

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  • The two of you should talk to him and invite him to join you both in your playtime. Who knows, maybe that will be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

  • I can understand the guy is missing physical touch and sex. It sure has been the root of us males doing some inappropriate and quite frankly some very stupid things.

  • He fucks your wife and you enjoy watching him stretch her.

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