Me my wife and our boss went for a night out on the town , We got a taxi back to ours we was all a bit worse for wear our boss said I'll come in for a nightcap. So that's what we did my wife said she was feeling a bit sleepy so she went up to bed I followed her to make sure she was ok , She laid down so I left the room she still had her clothes on and her high heels , We had a few more drinks and chatted for some time next thing I knew I was waking up I must have fell asleep . Andy our boss wasn't in the room so I thought he may have gone and let himself out , So I tip toed up the stairs all of a sudden I could see Andy standing by the bed staring at my wife I stopped in my tracks I didn't know what to do . The bed side light had been turned on I suppose to get a better look at my wife , At this stage I didn't know what to do or say so I just stood in the shadows of the landing and watched . Then all of a sudden Andy pulled her top out so he could look inside her top he was having a long look at my wife's tits , He started to undo the buttons on my wife's top until they was all undone then he started to feel my wife's tits . I couldn't believe my wife could sleep through what was happening then he pulled her bra down exposing my wife's nipples he was groping them feeling them then he leaned over and started kissing licking and sucking her tits , Then he spoke he was looking at my wife and said I new you would have beautiful tits now lets have a look what's in side your knickers . Andy pushed her skirt up revealing her thong he spoke again he was looking at her thong he said that's hardly worth wearing Then he said now lets have a look at you Andy pulled her thong to one side exposing her cunt , What he said next I could not believe he said I knew you would have a bald cunt you dirty bitch then he leaned in again and sniffed her . This went on for ages sniffing her then he pushed her legs up then started sniffing her ass He spoke again he said I sniff your seat at work , Then he said i sniff your laddered tights you throw in the waste bin as well but I think you know that . At that moment my wife started to stir he left the room bumping into me standing on the landing it was embarrassing we both went down stairs then looked at each other . He asked me how long was you standing there I said from the start he paused then said did you like me touching your wife then , He asked again I said yes I did , He smiled then said that he masturbates thinking about her I said was that what you was going to do when she stired he said yes that's all . I said wait here then I checked on my wife she was still sleeping I went back down stairs , I said come on we went back into the bedroom I said Masterbate if you want he said ok if you join me . I'm not gay but we was both standing looking at my wife she looked quite slutty it felt weird but also horny so we both eventually shot are loads over my wife's legs . Andy left soon after but before he left he said did you not drink your drink tonight I said no then he said that makes sense then , After he left I thought did he put something in our drinks . Now this as happened he is quite open telling me what he wants to do with my wife , Andy said we will do it again this time together and we will do dirty degrading things to her . I'll let you know if your interested next time !

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