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One Saturday night when me and my wife got home from a night out on the town , Both a bit worse for wear I would say , I got my video camera out just for a laugh and said let's make a video , Now normally she would never do anything untoward but with a few drinks in her she was quite tipsy , My wife looked really hot with what she was wearing , A blouse mini skirt high heels bra and a thong all in black , I had never got my wife on video camera before so was not expecting to much , My wife was showing her cleavage and showing a lot of leg and flashing her pants, I think she was having fun posing , we had a few more drinks then I said let's make a sexy video , My wife asked what do you want me to do , Then I said I noticed tonight Andy was chatting to you a lot I think he fancys you the way he was looking you up and down ,My wife said dont be silly thou he his good looking , So I said look at the camera has if its Andy and try and turn him on , My wife sat on the sofa it was a bit tame so I started things going , I said why don't you show Andy your tits ,Then she said do you want to see my tits Andy , she slipped her blouse off revealing her bra then I said show Andy your pants she dropped her skirt to the floor , Then I said go on she was getting into it know , My wife said do you want to see my tits Andy , She took her bra off her nipples looked hard she said I bet you want to suck my tits Andy , She was playing with her tits asking Andy to come over them , She said I'll show you something you can put your cock in Andy , She dropped her pants to the floor now all she was wearing was her shoes , My wife bent over telling Andy to push his cock up her , she said Im wet for you Andy fuck me hard , I want you to come on my face and in my mouth , I said would you really want to fuck Andy , My wife said yes bringing her self to a climax , I said I would like to show Andy this video , My wife said don't you dare. Well she should not dare me I showed him the tape , Do you want to know what happened next ?

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  • No not exactly , Showing Andy the tape his one thing letting him fuck my wife his another , Yea the thought of him watching it I had mixed feelings about that, We both knew Andy because he lived across the road from us , When my wife was out the front of are house , Andy would always seem to appear from nowhere then start talking to her , I didn't know how I was going to manage to show him the tape , We would bump into each other and have a chat but could not figure out how I would show him the tape , Then one day my wife was going off to work I was talking to her when Andy appeared , We all chatted for a while then my wife said she had to go ,Has she was walking away Andy said you are a lucky guy , I thought if I don't say something know I never will , I nervously said would you like to see more of her , Andy said what do you mean, Then I said I have a tape that we made one night when we was both a bit drunk ,Andy said yes I would , So I put the tape into the machine then pressed the play button , Andy watched I would say half the tape he did not take his eyes off the screen , Then I had a thought , I paused the video and said would you make a video for my wife , Andy said what of me ,I said yea showing your cock and talking dirty to my wife , Andy said ok has long has you give me that tape to watch at home , I said I'll make you a copy you can have ,Has soon has you give me your tape you can have it to watch when ever you like , But don't show anybody . And that his what we did .

  • You don't need to ask us "do we want to know what happened next." We do not come here looking for half stories. I don't know why you just didn't write it all. But anyway I can guess she fucked Andy. So there we are, spoilers for everyone.

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