My shy wife the carer

About my wife , she his 30 yrs old good looking 36c firm boobs fantastic pins and a nice neat shaved pussy . That was my idea the shaved pussy it took a while before she let me shave her I tricked her , I was supposed to leave a strip of hair , But I made out I messed up so I had to take it all off , At the time my wife was a bit annoyed she said she looked like a little girl , But she kept it bald and still his , My wife and I got married young I was her only sexual partner , Other than guys kissing and groping her before we met , Well my wife was always in office jobs so she always dressed smart wore high heels all the time , The company she worked for shut down unexpectedly so it was a shock , We had a mortgage so we would have missed the money , At the time there was not much work about so my wife took a temporary job has a carer , She was trained up and she was going to do home visits , She had been doing this job for a while now she said it was ok but she would look for something else , In the meantime she had a new client she had just taken on , The guy who was 69 he had no family he was lonely , my wife said he was really nice always complimenting her . Has time went bye my wife was telling me things he had said to her , At first I think she was worried about my reaction but I said I swear I'm not bothered its fine , When she opened up and told me that Andy that was his name he was funny but crude , He would tell her she had nice tits and he would love to see them and have a look at her pussy ,My wife said that he even offered her money to see her tits and pussy ,I could not believe it I was shocked but that night in bed I brought it up during sex , My wife and myself
got turned on by it i said why dont you show him your tits , I think she was shocked but she said did you want me too , In the heat of passion I said yea and your cunt , would you do it for me , My wife now was getting into it she said she would show her tits , And I said would you let him suck them , She said if that's what you want , I said yea i would . Anyway a couple of weeks had passed and nothing was said , My wife then told me it was Andy's birthday and he had asked her if she would go to his flat and have a meal with him , I said so what did you say ,My wife said I feel sorry for him but I don't feel safe doing that ,I asked her if anything had happened she said No , So I said why not then it will make his day she said if you think so . The day she was going to Andy's she showered done her make up I said I would drop her off then pick her back up when she rings , She got ready to go then asked me how do I look , I said you look good but just this once why don't you look sexy do it for me , We can have a bit of fun when we get back home later , My wife said what should I put on then , I said your black underwear with stockings see through top and a mini skirt , She put it on with a jacket under protest , Has I dropped her I said call me I'll pick you up when your ready , She looked hot , Some 4hours later I picked her up when we got home I said was it has bad has you thought it would be , She said do you really want to know , I said yea of course I do , OK i done this for you ,when I got there I took my jacket off he did not give up on asking to see my tits ,Knowing that's what you wanted as well I stood in front of him and took my top off I was in my bra , Andy said go on let me see your tits so I took my bra off and stood there , Andy said come here so i did he played with my tits then sucked them like you wanted ,Then he asked me to take my skirt off i said I'm married we cant have sex ,Then he said I just want to see your cunt that's all , My wife pulled her knickers down , Andy told my wife take them off and walk up to him then srraddle his legs , My wife said Andy pushed a finger in her and said her cunt was tight then he put another one in my wife said he wanted to fuck her she said No , My wife said Andy was frustrated so she wanked him off that was all I did im sorry , I said did he come on you , she said he made me kneel down so he could come on my tits , And I said did he come on your tits ,My wife said No he tricked me and came on my face , My wife said she will only do what I want her to do , A few weeks later what happened I tell you NextTime


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  • Ok tell us

  • What a story it was great I wish some of my carers would show me their tits but particularly one which has lovely firm tits I am 67 and she is about 28 but I will keep on dreaming your wife can be my carer yummy

  • Guessed the rest as soon as I learned the guy was 69. Funny how that works.

  • It was his 70th birthday thou , This his a true story

  • Run your story through, dude - lol. That was brutal!

  • Hot as story, especially as my wife is a carer too, loved it.
    More please

  • I am a home healthcare person as well and I can tell you that the old guys are the worst for being horny and the women are the bitchiest people on the planet. I cannot do a single thing right for most of the women but the men all love me showing up. I have to admit that I have purposely given the men a little eye candy now and then just to keep them happy.

  • And why not , who would not enjoy that

  • Hell yes!

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