I met Andy in a bar having a pint , We got chatting and ended up has being really good mates . Over the years we would go out with are wife's to different functions we all got on really well . Andys wife sometimes would get paralytic drunk but we all had a laugh and a good time , One occasion when we had been out we all ended up back at Andy's house . His wife was totally out of it so Andy and me carried her upstairs to put her on the bed , We layed her down then Andy said she's out of it he pushed her skirt up then pulled her knickers to the side showing me her C - - - . I could not believe it then he said let's go down stairs . We was all down stairs and my wife started falling asleep , Andy said why don't you check on my wife and winked at me . So I popped upstairs the door was shut but Andy could have done that , Because he said he went to check on her earlier . I opened the door she was completely naked I stood there staring at her body for a while I never touched her , I thought this was wrong so I shut the door then went back down stairs . When I walked back into the lounge what greeted me was Andy with his cock out in front of my wife , I shouted at my wife but she didn't wake up , Andy said it's ok she will be out for a hour or so go back upstairs and have Some more fun , I said I never touched your wife then he said will see I have a camera in are room I'll check . If you have it's my go on your wife , Has he went upstairs I noticed a camera on the unit it was still running I turned it off then took the tape . When he came back down he said what's wrong with you you could have had some fun while I do the same . We had a big arguement and i could not wake my wife up for ages we eventually left in a taxi , The taxi driver helped me get my wife indoors when we put her down my wife's skirt rode up showing her bald C. - - - , I could not believe it Andy must have took her knickers the driver had a good look at my wife before I pulled her skirt down . Has far has I know I'm the only guy my wife's been with and seen her naked now this taxi driver has seen her I was gutted . There was worse to come I eventually watched the tape Andy pushed my wife's skirt up then pulled her knickers off , He then opened her legs pulled his jeans and pants down , He then put his cock in my wife pumped her about 20 times before jumping up has I walked in the lounge I cant tell my wife none of this she would be too upset

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  • I cannot tell you how many times I have had sex with my wife while she is passed out drunk. I have hours of fun screwing her and using her mouth as a personal cock wash. I will get her going and screw her for a while then rub it all around her lips and tongue. She wakes up with cum dripping out of her and her lips stuck together from all the wipe offs.

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