Friends Confessions

Wrong room (got fucked)

Last week my husband and I were out of town visiting an old friend of mine. She's a single mom, and we stayed at her house with her teenage son. A small group of us met up and went out drinking and we were all pretty wasted. When we got back to the house we went straight to bed. My husband passed out in minutes, as did I.
My recollection is a... [more]


When I was 13 I let this 15 year old boy that lived next to us talk me in to playing with is dick in his bedroom. His Parents were at work and it was just us in his house all alone.
He just took his big dick out and started playing with it and asked me to play with is so I did and I made him cum with my hand.
After that he took all his clothes... [more]

Wrestling son

I enjoyed wrestling with my son. We were out on our boat and I was in swimsuit that showed a lot of cleavage. He is in mid twenties and him and his buddies were out on boat with husband and I for the day. My husband was on another friends boat and I was on our boat and my son started playfully pinching my arm and it hurt and I pinched him back and... [more]

My wife's friend

Last year my wife told her friend how good I was at eating her pussy. Years ago my next door neighbor, a girl I went to school with loved sucking dick. She would suck a lot of guys at our school including me. I received the bulk of the blow jobs from her since we lived next to each other and it was easy for us to get away with it. One day when she... [more]

I slept with my friends dad

Ok what i did was so bad, i fell out with my friend real bad on a night out but after an hour or so apart i found her getting chucked out this bar on her own with two guys trying to take her back to theirs, so after telling them to fuck off i called her dad and he came and picked us up. but as we where waiting she confessed to me that she kissed... [more]

Got a friend to fuck my wife.

For the past 3 years of marriage I never had any thought of watching my wife getting fucked by another man. But I have to be honest that I've gone to sites on the internet and read stories about the cuckold lifestyle. Anyway a year ago I went to the health spa and met this guy and we became friends.
We talked a lot about what we looked at on the... [more]

My best friend and I

Back when I was a very young boy I had a best friend who is still a good friend to this day. He and I were together all the time starting in the 4th grade. Not long after that we became very good friends and knew we could trust one another so we started exploring each others young bodies and at night in bed we would quietly get our hands in each... [more]

Caught a good peek

I went to pick up my friend Lisa yesterday morning to go have breakfast at the local diner. I was early, and she wasn't quite ready, so she invited me into her house to wait. Her husband was in the kitchen making coffee, and he was wearing nothing but a t-shirt. Like his gorgeous ass and cock were in full view. His penis was about 6" and thick... [more]


My husband had one of his friends over last night. They were watching a game, drinking a ton, and his friend was too wasted to drive home, so we let him sleep on the couch.
I got up at around 6 AM to make some coffee and check on our daughter, who was still asleep in her room. I passed through the living room where my husband's friend was... [more]

She had a crush

Kid brother asked me to drive him and his gf to the movies. Her best friend was sitting right there, so I thought it was rude of them not to invite her. So I invited her to tag along. She got really excited and said yes, that I would have to come by and meet her parents first. After an hour, I walked over and knocked on the door. Met her mom and... [more]

Let my friends on my ex

I know this is guna sound harsh but because of this, i have finally got rid of my ex. we broke up about a year ago and have been on and off ever since, im singke man 28 and she is 23 with two kids and thinks the world should revolve around her. she never got aling with my mates and my mates hated her too, she has this stuck up image of herself... [more]

Gang banged among friends

I lived in the greatest neighborhood growing up all the kids around the same age growing up since we could crawl together. Their was 11 of us guys only a year apart old a few two several years older but we all got along. When I was about 12 yrs old Kristy my friends 8 yr old sister started tagging along. His dad left his mom for a young women... [more]

Fucking Friends

My husband and I Had a fuck party at our house yesterday. we invited three couples, our close friends. When the arrived we had a drink and got naked and started watching some porn vedios. pretty soon all three of the husbands had their dicks in me, they filled all my holes full of CUM, Then my husband fucked me while the hot cum was running out of... [more]

Naughty thoughts

I am 76 years young and my neighbor's daughter is driving me totally crazy. She is only 15 but could easily pass for 22 or even older for that's how she has developed.
For the past few weeks we have been having uncanny high temperatures and she came over asking me if she could use my pool to cool off in and being I love looking at her I naturally... [more]

I did something really inappropriate

I'm the only single guy in our development. I'm also about 10 years younger than the average in our development. I bought the house 2 years ago because I liked the neighborhood and thought my girlfriend at that time would become more than that. I was wrong.
I get along with everyone in my development but my neighbors, Jan & John have taken me... [more]

Lake Adventure

I was 15 and went to the lake with my dad and his friends for one of their big weekend parties. First night, we just sat around the campfire drinking (my first time), telling stories, ladies flashing their tits, etc. Next morning I go down to the lake to swim and there was a beautiful girl in a bikini swimming near me with 2 of her friends, a... [more]

Big mistake

My best mate was in a bad accident which left him in a chair .Me and my wife would visit him at his home on a regular basis , He his a really nice guy we felt bad for him but he was always happy to see us . He would get in downers get really low so we always tried to cheer him up but it was difficult at times . One day when we was talking he... [more]

Stole friend's nudes

Two of my friends, which are husband and wife, live in different town than me and occasionally invite me over to their house for weekends. One time they where invited to a colleagues house, so I had to stay home alone in the evening.
So I found that my friend had forgotten to take her phone, and I looked inside and found tons of photos and... [more]

Big Dan...

My Dad had a party after his divorce was final and invited a bunch of people over. I was 16 then and it was a great party! One of my Dad’s friends, Dan, who was also recently divorced, was around 50 and in really great shape and the salt-and-pepper hair was really sexy. It was around 1:00 am when most everyone left. My Dad, his friend Dan and me... [more]

I gave my best friend a blowjob

Me and my friend Jerry would hang out all the time after school, at the courts , the lake, his house,everywhere. One day we were at his house and he said man I really need to get off, Do you mind if I jerkoff ? I said whatever you want to do.
He said j/o with me, so i did. Now a new level has entered our lives and when we wanted to,we would both... [more]

Blowjob swap

My bf had a couple of his friends, Rachel and Felix, over for dinner. I knew them pretty well, but not as well as he did. They were recently married and it was obvious they were still in that glowy phase of love. Cute, really.
Anyway, we were all drinking some wine and getting a little loose, when the subject turned to sex and blowjobs... [more]

Halftime milf

My dad and I are big football fans and went to one of his friend's house to watch the games and party. It was mostly guys, 9 of us, and the wife of the host. There was one other wife there too. I'm 18, and my dad and everyone else was in their 40's or 50's. It was cool, because I was allowed to have a few beers and everyone treated me like a peer... [more]

First 3some

I am a 28 year old female, I got drunk during the weekend and had sex with a friend I have from work and her husband. I think they wanted to do a threesome and basically kinda set me up inviting me to go out with them
I never had a threesome before, it was weird getting sexual with another woman while at the same time getting pounded by a man... [more]

Surprise Anal

Four nights ago my wife had a friend over for wine and during the course of the night asked me if I wanted to do Melissa. Melissa had gone to the bathroom but apparently was asking Deb about our sex life, saying she hadn't had it since last summer. We have a marriage that is built on trust, love and sex, so I asked Deb if she'd like a threesome... [more]

Showed my wife nude to friends

My wife is a small petite woman and very hott. She is very prudish but occasionally allows me to take photos of her nude for my pleasure. One night during sex I told her I was going to show her photos to my friends. She said okay. I knew she thought it was just dirty talk and that she was just playing along. I had friends over and during half... [more]

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