Friends Confessions

Topless Neighbor

It was the summer and I was out in my back yard. My next door neighbor was out in her yard and she came over to talk to me. She pointed out that another neighbor was out in her yard tanning topless. I couldn't see this topless neighbor from my yard so she invited me into hers to see. She was topless and just wearing some tiny bikini bottoms. With... [more]

Watching the wife

My mates and I went out for drinks and left my busty mrs at home. Anyway it was getting late so we went back to my place to finish drinks around the backyard pool.
I said she should be asleep so not to make a lot of noise. When we got there the bedroom light was still on. The main curtains were open but the lacie ones were closed. Which means we... [more]

Naked and hard

I was 14 when saw a naked boy. My two girl friends and I used to hang out with boys all the time. One day they tied a boy to a tree truck and asked us if we wanted to see him naked. Of course we didn't give them a yes or no answer, so they dropped his pants and underwear. I remember he stopped screaming when his penis popped out of his underwear... [more]

Sucked my friend in front of my wife

I have been married for over 10 years,my wife and I have had a few threesomes ffm and mmf"recently my wife asked me if I had ever gone down on another guy or wanted to?
I told her I had always thought that I would like to try it but really never had the opportunity or the nerve to do it.
She said was a fantasy of hers to watch two men have oral... [more]

Friend fuck

Yesterday me 14 my brother 14 my 2 friends 15-16 were at my house when we were talking about dick sizes and my friend said he was 11 inches (15) my brother said 7 I said 5 (I'm small) and my other friend said 8 I said bull shit then we all agreed to show ours we measured im 6 my friend 15 was 11.5 my brother was 9 and my other friend was 10 when I... [more]

My friend's Crotch and My Butt

I use to go to my friends house all the time. This friend and I were really close. She was the friend I grew up with and the friend who I sexually experimented with. We talked about sex scenes we had seen, about seeing our parents getting it on, about how we felt when we touched ourselves in the wrong areas, and sadly about our sexual abuses. Our... [more]

Wrestling son

I enjoyed wrestling with my son. We were out on our boat and I was in swimsuit that showed a lot of cleavage. He is in mid twenties and him and his buddies were out on boat with husband and I for the day. My husband was on another friends boat and I was on our boat and my son started playfully pinching my arm and it hurt and I pinched him back and... [more]

My wife's friend

Last year my wife told her friend how good I was at eating her pussy. Years ago my next door neighbor, a girl I went to school with loved sucking dick. She would suck a lot of guys at our school including me. I received the bulk of the blow jobs from her since we lived next to each other and it was easy for us to get away with it. One day when she... [more]

Best Friend;)

I'm a girl and I like girls and guys. Me and my friend were at her place just hanging out when we had to change cause we were gonna go to a movie I ha on a black thong and black lace bra and I felt hands on my ass i turned around and jade was there in her underwear I looked at her and she kissed me and I kissed back then she started to grab my... [more]

Fucking Friends

My husband and I Had a fuck party at our house yesterday. we invited three couples, our close friends. When the arrived we had a drink and got naked and started watching some porn vedios. pretty soon all three of the husbands had their dicks in me, they filled all my holes full of CUM, Then my husband fucked me while the hot cum was running out of... [more]

Dry humped my friend

So when I was a freshman I was crushing on this girl who friend zoned me and I was jealous of whoever she was talking to... I was obsessed well I didn't let her know that so we were friends and one night she had a "party" and there were a total of 5 people including myself 3 girls and 1 other boy well because we were all freshman and couldn't... [more]

College things

When I was in college I had a friend that was gay but I had no idea at the time. We were hanging out at his apartment and had watched a movie and talked a little bit when he said to me I know your not into guys but I have always thought about sucking on you. I looked at him and thought about what he had just said and asked if he was into guys, he... [more]

My friend had sex for cash with me

I fucked my beautiful married friend for cash. She's been in a bad financial way. She called me asking if we could help each other out. I said sure what can I do for you. She said she needed $500. right now and I know you want me in your bed,if you help me I will help you. I agreed and took her up on it. Since then I've paid her $500 3 more times... [more]

Things from my youth you may enjoy

Was ay my buddys house after I had passed puberty, when his cousins showed up. We all went into the basement where we hung out. On the bed the boys lines up side by side, my budddys sister gave each of them a sock. Tossed a blanket over them and I ask, what is this?
We are seeing who can cum first. If you cum you give Nina the sock and she... [more]

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