Friends Confessions

Volleyball Friends

From our mid-twenties to early thirties my wife and I frequented nude beaches on both coasts. Guys would always walk right up to us to get a close up look at her 34C breasts and her blonde bush. We played volleyball with other couples, and I watched the other women and the men watched my wife. We started playing with all men and all of them looked... [more]

I gifted my husband's friend with a B.J.

All in our early 30's - my husband had his best friend over for dinner one winter night. His buddy had had a not so secret crush on me for some time.
Nothing outrageous. Even though I'd flirt with him a bit - he was too shy to try much of anything with me.
Tonight I was feeling, I guess you could say.
So, a couple of hours and a few... [more]

Slut mother

I've recently discovered that my mother is on a well known sex site! I'm married myself but I do like meeting older women for one night stands! Scrolling through the endless pictures of horny women I tapped on one! Sexy older lady loves younger men was her profile headline! I clicked onto her and looked at her short videos! She was wearing black... [more]

JO Buddy right next door!

My wife left me home alone this past weekend to visit some family out of state. I invited my neighbor Mike over for some drinks. The hard stuff (both of us are avid bourbon guys). When things got fairly "loose," Mike commented on my wife's long legs and how he really looks forward to summertime when she's out and about in her denim cut-offs and... [more]

Sharing stories with hubby

Me and my husband Sean are in our mid 40's,we decided to spice it up in the bedroom and Sean came up with the idea of telling each other about our previous sexual encounters before we were together,ok if you're sure I said,you go first Claire and tell me the naughtiest one! Do you remember my friend nicola from college? Yes he said of course,you... [more]

My gay experience

My first experience my friend hook me up with his friend that was gay and I sucked him he sucked me that he f***** me with big cock I love it plus he got me into wearing lingerie I love anal now sucking cock I don't know what people are afraid of getting f***** he was great

Beach Camping

We found a camp site after getting off the barge and driving another 2 hours along the sandy beaches of Fraser Island, just myself, my friend Jack and his wife Yasmin and a bunch of other guy friend. After setting up tents and we all started to relax and started doing our own stuff. I’m still single but like to keep in shape being a carpenter so... [more]


A long time friend who's a photographer wants to take topless photographs of my wife. He emailed her to ask her and she said yes. She's going over to his house next Saturday. Since she said yes he has mentioned to me that he hopes she gets turned on enough to let him take shots of her masturbating.
He's a good photographer. I can't wait to... [more]

Fucked wife’s best friend

I let my wife’s best friend eat her out but there was a catch. He had to go down on her after I came in her. He did. She already came multiple times and I did just the usual once. I emptied a huge multiple shot load in her. It was oozing out when he went down on her. It was so hot.
He was licking her clit all over as she moaned intensely while... [more]

Nudist holiday

Eddie my husband has always wanted to go on a nudist holiday,I refused for years but finally gave in on our 20th wedding anniversary,it wasn't overseas but in lovely great Britain! Cornwall to be exact,it was a 5 hour drive to get there and by the time we arrived we were both really tired,we checked in around tea time and decided to just go to our... [more]

Secretly gay friend

I wouldn't consider myself gay. But it sure gives me a thrill to look down and see my buddy sucking on my cock! I just shake my head in astonishment when I see how eagerly he bobs and slurps on my hardon! He gives me better blowjobs than any girlfriend I've ever had. He even swallows my cum, which is something no girlfriend of mine has ever... [more]

Sucking my first dick

When I was 11 and my best friend Ricky was 12 he invited me to his house. We went upstairs to his bedroom and Ricky closed the door. He turned to me and said “ have you ever tried to suck your own dick”. I was surprised an said” what are you talking about”. Ricky smiled and said you have haven’t you?” I felt embarrassed and said “why”. He said... [more]

Best friend ever

People think we're friends because we smoke a lot of pot, which is true. The real secret reason is because I suck his cock all the time! The same thing turns us on. It turns him on to see me his buddy, swallowing the cum shots out of his dick. And I think it's the most awesome thing in the world to eat the cum shots out of his, another guy's cock!... [more]

Co worker crush

I had a coworker she was cool i had just gotten out of a relationship and she invited me to the movies. She was nice not my type she was a smoker and didn't care dating smokers we went as Friends .After the movie we went to Dennys she treated everything. After I took her home she was living with her sister who was separated .she turned to me in... [more]

Close call with my bud's very very sexy wife

My bud's wife and I have flirted a little for years. - she'll wear a low-cut blouse with a push-up bra while the 3 of us are out together. She'll sit in her little cut-off jeans with her knees up across from me - letting me see her panties and the bulge of her pussy peeking at me. I let her know I like what I see, down her blouse and up her... [more]

Friends mom handjob

When i was younger (around 21 or 22) my buddys mom was a little looped on some wine. When she drinks she flirts and when she flirts things happen. Sitting in the kitchen throwing back a few beers my buddy had to go help his dad out in the shop. As soon as he left she asked" you want me to jerk you off" ummmm fuck yeah. She stayed seated i got up... [more]

Best Friends Sister

When younger (around 16 or 17) i was at my buddy's place one afternoon just hanging out. He had a sister who was a huge flirt and maybe a little slutty. Anyways before we went out for the rest of the day he jumped in the shower quickly. While in the shower I went down on his sister and then she sucked my cock. I covered her tits and face in jizz... [more]

First time and it was awesome

Earlier yesterday wife texted me while I was at work. She said that she was horny and wanted to try something we haven’t tried before. She said she was open to any ideas and wanted to know what I thought. I said, “I want to watch you fuck another man, him cum inside you and then me eat your pussy with his cum in it and then fuck you myself... [more]

کسی هست در کرمان که بشینه روی شکمم؟

سلام.وحید هستم از کرمان.کسی هست در کرمان که دوست داره بشینه روی شکمم.شماره صفر نهصد و سیزده،چهار صد هفتاد هشت،چهارده هفتاد پنج

Weekend away with friends

Last year my wife and I decided on a spur of the moment long weekend away,a friend of ours owns a little holiday cottage near the beach about a 30 minute drive from where we live,what we didn't plan for was my wifes friend nadia coming along and what she didn't tell us was her secretly meeting her new boyfriend Carl!! The 3 of us were messing... [more]

Who's Panties? Game, at a new year's party

Two years ago my wife and I attended a New Year's party at her best friends house. There were 1/2 a doz couples there - few of them I knew. Friends of my wife....and a few co-worker men.
My wife told me, afterwards, that the invitation she received suggested that the women all wear something "nice, clean and maybe a little spicey" as... [more]

Friends Facial

A couple of years ago my friends and i went on a snowboarding trip Whistler. Myself, another girl and 5 dudes. After a day of boarding we went to the bar and had some drinks, shots and food. we are drunk and one of the guys goes up and orders "cum shots" for everyone (its a type of shot) so we all do several of them. Drinking and eating continues... [more]


At boarding school we used to do group wanks, from just two blokes up , I think, twelve. I was a long time ago but I really enjoyed seeing all the different sizes and shapes of cocks, how much they skunked and the orgasm faces. I wish I could go back in time and suck them all off. Anyone else do group wanks?

Our 1st time watching porn, with wife's best friend & husband

My young wife (23, 5'6", 130lbs, blond, SoCal born) was invited by her best friend to bring me & come to their apt. for drinks.
Her husband had a raging hard-on for my young wife - which I didn't know at the time -
His wife was chunky and not much of a looker. They married after he got her preg....and he seemed to have little interest in... [more]

Me and my friend

Hi everyone I'm Alison,I'm a hairdresser and I have my own salon,I've been there 10 years now,I took the plunge after years of wanting to work for myself,as I neared my 40th birthday my husband told me if I don't do it now I'll regret it for the rest of my life,thank god I listened it's been the best 10 years ever,I don't only cut hair,I do spray... [more]

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