Friends Confessions

Enjoying my friends cock

Hi when i was a early teen my friend ad i would play with each other it all started one day when my friend came over and he had been in a accident in a car he had surgery to fix his leg i asked him about it and in my room he pulled his pants down to show me it was healing up well and i asked him if i could touch his leg he said... [more]

Never saw this coming

I am a 41 year old female going through a divorce. My best friend since middle school Jill invited me to stay at her house while she went on a cruise over Christmas so she wouldn't have to board her pet and she'd be home on the 30th and I wouldn't be alone for New Year's Eve.( Warning it's a long story)
Real quick about my situation. I married... [more]

Cruise on Mediterranean

Well, I’m not a writer yet I had an amazing experience and I wish to share it.
So this is how it starts
I my wife and 2 very god friends of us went for holiday in a Mediterranean cruise. It was all amazing the boat, the cabins the first 2 days that we spend where all laughters and joy.
On the 3 rd day we got to spend it on a Greek island... [more]

Best friend

Ok so me and my best friend are both 33. Weve been friends since we were 11. We used to stay at each others house all the time. Even when we moved out of our parents i would still go spend days at a time at his house just playing video games and stuff. We r both strait and never even came vlose to foing anything together. One night we were playing... [more]

Have you bedded your spouse's best friend?

Spill the beans on any friends confessions. Whether a boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, or wife. Did they suspect the cheating? Are you still friends? Do you still hook up with them? Does your other live in denial?

Female here and this is the only time I cheated

So it was in the mid 1990's I was 20. I guess I was trying to act older. So I embellished and told people that I had been with 8 guys and 2 girls but the truth is I had only been with 2 guys both from my home town of Myrtle Beach both were young and came quickly so I never got off from either one. I was just in a rebellious stage. Plus I was a... [more]

Lucky To Know Them

At the age of 73 I'm lucky to have friends like Tom and Debra.Debra is the same age as I and Tom is four years younger. He's 69 and horny as hell. When we're together and nipped a little we get involved in sexual play. At our age we enjoy watching adult porn. Debra enjoys giving Tom head and points his dick to my empty stretch mark saggy breasts... [more]

Guys eat pussy at Walmart

I'm 38f and in a boring marriage. I shop at Walmart in Arizona and ask the guys in the parking lot if they want to eat pussy in my SUV. About 80% say hell yeah! Guys are awesome.

Childhood secrets

Growing up there was a group of us of about 12 guys that always hung out to play sports and just hang out. From the age of about 10 to 23 we stayed close and had a blast. We all grew up and moved on with our lives. Over the years while having conversations with most of them separately, a secret emerged. Turns out I wasn't the only one swapping... [more]

Only females 18+

Any girls 18+ looking to have some fun over Snapchat add me itsxavier1999 we can send each other naughty pics 😈

Modernizing 007

It's been announced that Daniel Craig will be retiring after the next 007 movie, "No Time To Die", and both the character and his style will be updated to come into sync with the 21st century culture. So perhaps the ubiquitous martini will be replaced with marijuana as the choice intoxicant, and when the spy is --- as customary --- asked his... [more]

Wife panty

Just got caught by my wife to be wanking myself off into her lace panties whilst watching mature porn. She totally surprised me by telling me to finish myself off in front of her and describe how I’d like to cum on the people in the video. This was awkward as it was watching a hot granny give a sissy a panty job!

I want someone to rape me

I want someone to rape me,just the thought of someone taking advantage of makes me horny. force yourself on me & make me your slave please make me your slave please

Oldschool Community

I am M26, and I recently moved back to my hometown with my girlfriend. My hometown is very oldschool with traditional values. Are they racist? Absolutely not. However, they do believe in their values and they do share those values. I don't mind because I believe EVERYONE is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. As long as they treat me... [more]

Son's girlfriend.

My son's girlfriend came over. We sat in the living room waiting for him. I was in a swimsuit. She looking at me sa I got hard. I reached in my suit. Her eyes got bigger n bigger. She had a smile on. I pulled my cock out. Boy that smile got so big so did her eyes... I stood up and pulled my suit down to my nees. I sat back down. I started playing... [more]

I like cocks

I'm married guy, but have this urge to play with cocks. Stroke them, suck them. Thing is, I don't have an opportunity, not attracted to guys, don't know any shemales/tras people. How do I go about fulfilling my fantasy? I know I'm not the only one with this fantasy, there's a lot of us. Has anyone been able to do this?

I will not wear heels in my sister's wedding!

For my birthday, my mom bought me an expensive pair of Christian Louboutin Rose Amelie Ankle Wrap Sandal heels to wear at my sister's wedding.
I am not going to wear them!
I told my sister 'BrideZilla' that I'm wearing flipflops with my dress and she can deal with it.
Mom's on her side!
They're expensive and I can't return... [more]

What can I do to help my husband to have sex once inawile or a to

Sex was great but it came to a stop. It was hot and heavy but not he don't really hold me.


I think my meds have turned me into an exhibitionist. It used to be a little. A few anonymous cock pics posted online. Maybe a dozen. Or two. Some hot ones posted on tumblr. More recently I went on chaturbate a few times, when it was easier to cam anonymously. I couldn’t stay hard the first few times, I was so nervous, or else I’d cum too fast... [more]

Teen seduced by a bisexual couple

I was maybe 15 or so. My parents went on holidays and they let me stay with the couple who was housesitting for them. He was an old grumpy quiet guy, and she was young and hot, liked to suntan in bikinis. I got home from school and found her tanning totally naked where only someone in the yard could see her. She didn’t look at me but called my... [more]

I fucked the math teacher I told everyone I hated for years

I had a math teacher in high school who always had boners and wore sweats so it was obvious, but he would set it on my desk to get my attention, and it was impressive, but everyone saw it and it was so obvious he was turned on by my, so it was embarrassing.
I finally had enough and wrote him a letter and turned it in with my homework, but it... [more]

I sucked cock for pot while working as a nanny

I took a job watching my cousins children after high school. I went to a town I didn’t know for free room and board and $200 a week, and I was beyond bored without any friends.
There was a single man living in the basement who came up to use the kitchen sometimes. He was a little older and really cute, but I was shy and didn’t know how to talk... [more]

Naked Rain Cum

I waited until it was raining the heaviest to go outside. I laid out on my patio chair and stroked faster and faster the heavier the rain hit me. My back arched more the closer I got to cumming. When I came I couldn’t help but shout as my cum shot through the rain. It felt amazing, and to just lay there after was most relaxing.

Modest Slut

Men often overlook women like myself that dress modestly in the work place and out in the world. I’m at work now with lots of women in short/tight skirt and dresses, high heels, and lots of makeup. I’m wearing an ankle length non fitting dress with some flats. But it’s what’s underneath that counts. If I take you back to my place and take my dress... [more]

Best Jerk off Ever

What you need for the best jerk session ever:
1. One pack of women nylon socks.
2. One towel
3. Three rubber bands
1. Hairbrush rubber handle
2. Latex gloves/condom
3. Coconut oil
What to do:
1. Fold and roll the towel
2. Put three rubber bands around the towel (top, middle, bottom)
3. Use your hand to widen the opening on... [more]

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