Friends Confessions

Wife shows panties to my buddies

One night after sex on the kitchen table I dared my wife to just leave her tiny sheer panties on the kitchen chair for my golfing buddy to see in the morning. I make coffee for us and then we head out for golf. She does not back down from most dares involving flirting! I thought this will be cute and give us something sexy to talk about when we... [more]

Wife stripped in poker & danced naked with friend

My young wife is a flirt - within limits. Unless she's tipsy. After a few drinks one evening she was showing my best friend her birthday presents, which included a box of bikini panties. I said why don't you model one of them for us? She looked at me and Mark, and said, "I don't know, they're awfully small - are you guys sure it would be OK with... [more]

My wife and her friend

My wife and I were married for 15 years. We have done the swinging thing before. I found I was more turned on watching her have sex with someone than having sex with another woman myself. There is just something about watching your wife perform. Anyhow, one night she had a friend over that she has had sex with in the past, but said tonight she... [more]


Wanting to give cock sucking a try.

The lads and the wife

The wife and I were childhood sweethearts,we split up when we were 20,didn't see each other for 10 years,got back together then married at 32,that was 11 years ago,little does she know that I know that the dirty slut had a threesome with two of my mates just before we got back together,the thought of it really turns me on,in fact whenever I meet... [more]

Shocked at the swinging club

We've had a great sex life but recently the wife and I have started going to a swinging club,we were both really nervous at first as you can imagine but I've got to say the people we've met have been great,your not forced into anything you don't want to do,the more times we went the more relaxed we felt plus its horny as fuck watching your wife... [more]

ABS Night Out

Back in the late seventies, I wasn't married yet. I lived alone in small town that was rather Puritanical and full of people who were far too concerned with what others thought about them. I had a girlfriend who desperately wanted me to marry her. My two best buddies were recently married, but secretly bisexual, as was I. A third friend was... [more]

My friend's wife's ass

My best friend of ten years came to visit with his wife for the weekend. We met up at the mall and we're walking around and catching up since I haven't seen them in two years. His wife took off to look at clothes and my friend was telling me about a trip they had. He was showing me pictures on his phone when she came back to show him stuff when it... [more]

What friends are for.

So my husband and I got married right out of high school. It seemed like the thing to do. He introduced me to his friends . He didn't have many like some. His one friend Rick didn't have a girlfriend . In fact he still had his virginity. So my husband asked me if wouldn't mind helping out. He told me to be nice to his friend . Like give him a... [more]

Birthday Present

Growing up one of my closest friends was a boy, Lee. We met in primary school and used to hang around together, and being too young for romance we were just good friends. There was some "you show me yours and I'll show you mine" but that's as far as it went.
When we went to secondary school (aged 11) we drifted apart and I soon discovered boys... [more]

Gay or bi

I have a friend that comes over for the weekends. When it is time to go to bed my friend insists we sleep naked since he sleeps naked at home. I figure hey we are guys so why not. The next morning I woke up with a boner and my friend stroking me. Even though I consider myself straight, it feels so good I stay pretend asleep so he will... [more]

Wasn’t expecting that

For awhile now I’ve been wanting to get closer to a girl at work, she is quirky looking and very quiet, she only been at the company for two months and no one seems to know much about her apart from she’s 27 and lives with her mum.
She knows I like her and she’s never shown any interest back, when we chat she doesn’t seem to give much away, I’ve... [more]

The favor was returned

Soon after we got married when we were only 18 my wife and I got into the swinger lifestyle. It started with taking nude photos and my wife and I got so turned on knowing the people developing the pictures were seeing her sexy naked body, she started showing herself off to guys in person every chance she got. And at 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 with long... [more]

Friend’s Wife

When I was a 19yo private in the army my 19yo buddy was married to an 18yo slut. When I got to the unit I heard all kinds of stories about guys getting him pass out drunk and fucking his wife. And she was hot. He invited me over one night and one thing led to another and I ended up on their bed watching her suck his dick. She wanted me to get a... [more]

Oh, hell yeah….wait, holy shit!

When I was 20 I walked in on my buddy getting his dick swallowed by a guy. My buddy played it off like he was asleep, like the guy was “raping” him and he beat the guy’s ass. I mean he really fucked this guy up, almost killed him.
What he doesn’t know is that I saw enough to know he wasn’t asleep and I was totally cool with it. I had been... [more]

Jerked off into her pantyhose

Yesterday I was at my friends house and she decided to go pick up a pizza for dinner and I waited in her home while she was gone. I have been friends with her for 15 years and always thought she was really attractive and I masturbate all the time thinking about her. anyhow, I go into the bathroom and see her black pantyhose hanging from the shower... [more]


As far as dicks go I don’t think me or my friend will ever see a better one.
Must be 15 years ago me and my friend encouraged our male friend to show us his dick, both of us were just having some fun with him, one minute he was going to show us the next he wasn’t, I remember him saying it’s embarrassing but we convinced him.
When he did show us... [more]

Part 2

So when im horny ill do anything. Everything seems hot when im horny from incest to sucking dick. So as im already swapping my friends cum with my girl i stay hard. It was all so hot. Bfor my friend can do anything i stop kissing my girl and put my mouth on his still mostly hard cock. Ive never sucked cock bfor but it felt rite at the time. My... [more]

Finally saw my friend’s tits

I always admired my friend’s sexy big tit when she wore a tight top. I jerked off often thinking of us fucking. She’s the same age as me. Indian, milf. Sexy thick thighs and ass. Pretty. 80e tits. I’ve gone through her panty drawer. The last time I came, I stayed in her spare room where she kept her shapewear. Masturbated in them every night. This... [more]

First time curious

I used to spend the night at my friends all the time as an adult. We still liked to get togetger n play video games n stuff. We always slept in the same bed no big deal. Well one night we had been drinking a little bit. I passed out first. When i woke up my buddy was spooning me. He had a very big dick and i could feel it pressed against me. I... [more]

I let my husband show me to his friend

My husband just got in from drinking with his best friend Alex who lives up the street and he’s divorce. He’s nice enough but he gets a little crude when he drinks. I asked my very drunk husband if he had fun and I was told that I was the topic of conversation. “What do you mean?’ I asked. “We both know that Alex has a crush on you. After a few... [more]

Made bet I knew I'd lose

I started smoking pot when I was 16. My friends and I hung out with a 21 year old guy, he had a car and always had pot. One day it was just me and him up in his room at his parent's house smoking pot, no one else in the house, and I was horny as fuck. I was 16, I was always horny as fuck, especially when I smoked pot...anyway...I had come up with... [more]

Trying to cheer up my best friend

My best friend‘s dad died, his dog died, and he has cancer, is wrong to ask my gf to cheer him up by flashing him and give him a handjob?

I shouldn’t be thinking like this

Is it wrong of me at the age of 49 to think every time I see him, I wish I had his cock inside me, I want to sit on his cock and keep making him cum.
I’m married with two children and he’s a parent of another child, he doesn’t always collect his son but when he does we have a little chat.
I can honestly say in my head I’m undressing him, imagine... [more]

The Sales Clerk's reaction was priceless!

A little more than ten years ago, my husband's former work colleague, Beth, called and needed help setting up her home wi-fi network. She had been divorced for several years and had just moved into her new house.
Since she lived in a neighboring city (about a two hour drive), we decided to make a social call out of it and maybe catch up at... [more]

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