Friends Confessions

First time you sucked a cock

Male or female. How old were you the first time you sucked a cock. Who you sucked his it happened did you spit or swallow

Caught Red-Handed, With a Red One, In My Hand

Lets harken back to that wonderful decade of the 70's, yet again, before herpes, AIDS, and shaved pubes. My socially retarded friend, Ric, was going to have a party at his parent's lake house, and put me in charge of inviting like-minded guests. We liked sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll. So did all of my friends.
I invited three couples, one of... [more]

I want someone to rape me

I want someone to rape me,just the thought of someone taking advantage of makes me horny. force yourself on me & make me your slave please make me your slave please

Best friend came on to me while drunk

I was out with friend over the weekend, and she was very drunk, i had to practically carry her home. She stayed at mine as she always does after a night out as it's closer. She was very chatty drunk, and out of nowhere tells me she's bi, and fancied me forever. Shortly after that she fell asleep, but i was so shocked. In the morning i wasn't sure... [more]

Sharing Wife's Pictures With Best Friend

I have shared nude pictures of my wife with my best friend of 30 plus years. He has jacked-off to them and he has re-payed the favor by sharing nude pictures of his wife so I could jack-off to her. We have talked to and tried to get our wives to try a wife swap. They have said no but I know that they are thinking about it because I have seen some... [more]

Wrestling son

I enjoyed wrestling with my son. We were out on our boat and I was in swimsuit that showed a lot of cleavage. He is in mid twenties and him and his buddies were out on boat with husband and I for the day. My husband was on another friends boat and I was on our boat and my son started playfully pinching my arm and it hurt and I pinched him back and... [more]

Blowjob for a friend

I've been friends with this guy now for a very long today. Basically have been best friends since 8th grade. Since then we have obviously grown up and have our own lives and so we don't see each other as much. We are both married, in our late 20's, but we usually find time to see each other here and there. We've never been in a relationship with... [more]

Is this the new normal?

I'm 34, mother of two, and just started dating again after being divorced for a year. The guy I'm dating is younger, he's 23. He's great, I love him, but it's been weird meeting his friends.
The weather is finally good, so yesterday my bf took me to a BBQ at his friend's house. There were about a couple dozen people there, mostly married... [more]

First gay encounter

Last night i sucked a dick for the first time. After we left the bar i went back to my best friends. We r both straight and have been friends for 20 years. Somehow though last night i managed to end up with his dick in my mouth and if im being honest i liked it...alot!! When he said he was about to cum i buried his cock in my throat. I came all... [more]

Any curious straight crossdresser chat/meet.

62vyears my age.
Looking for any curious pantie wearers.
And any who part cross dress as in skirt and panties/tights ect.
Love to meet to chat and show what each other wears.
Or just chat.
No male sex involved.
But willing for under skirt or dress sexual fun out in my car.
Any age from 18 to 55 meet.
Contact me as its sexy to share... [more]

I will not wear heels in my sister's wedding!

For my birthday, my mom bought me an expensive pair of Christian Louboutin Rose Amelie Ankle Wrap Sandal heels to wear at my sister's wedding.
I am not going to wear them!
I told my sister 'BrideZilla' that I'm wearing flipflops with my dress and she can deal with it.
Mom's on her side!
They're expensive and I can't return... [more]

Wife showed my buddy her favorite place to lick

After a pool party my wife and buddy were dancing slowly after several drinks.
They were talking about sexual things....who knows how or why?
She told him about the one time we went to a blue movie in town, and she was the only female in the theater!
"Your favorite part?".....he asked.
"Well, this big blond guy took this girl from behind in... [more]

Men wearing lingerie

My husband brought it to my attention on this site a lot of posts refering to straight men wearing female lingerie or cross dressing and being made up a lot of different situations with derogatory comments insisting people who enjoy that activity have to be gay, well that is just not true.
A girlfriend that owns a lingerie shop and I were talking... [more]

Birthday Present

Growing up one of my closest friends was a boy, Lee. We met in primary school and used to hang around together, and being too young for romance we were just good friends. There was some "you show me yours and I'll show you mine" but that's as far as it went.
When we went to secondary school (aged 11) we drifted apart and I soon discovered boys... [more]

Gay or bi

I have a friend that comes over for the weekends. When it is time to go to bed my friend insists we sleep naked since he sleeps naked at home. I figure hey we are guys so why not. The next morning I woke up with a boner and my friend stroking me. Even though I consider myself straight, it feels so good I stay pretend asleep so he will... [more]

Friend’s Wife

When I was a 19yo private in the army my 19yo buddy was married to an 18yo slut. When I got to the unit I heard all kinds of stories about guys getting him pass out drunk and fucking his wife. And she was hot. He invited me over one night and one thing led to another and I ended up on their bed watching her suck his dick. She wanted me to get a... [more]

My mate bitch is my fucktoy

Posted a few times now about my mate girlfriend iv been fucking and facefucking as and when i can over past few months but last night topped it all,
last minute thing, my mate rang me mid afternoon to cancel working on my car as he had to travel up country overnight for work, so i knew his missus would be home alone, i messaged her and got... [more]

What friends are for.

So my husband and I got married right out of high school. It seemed like the thing to do. He introduced me to his friends . He didn't have many like some. His one friend Rick didn't have a girlfriend . In fact he still had his virginity. So my husband asked me if wouldn't mind helping out. He told me to be nice to his friend . Like give him a... [more]

Sucked my brother PART 2

As in part 1 mentioned I'm a bisexual guy. After the adventure with my brother we just never spoke about it. But for me it was the start of watching shemale porn, made me wanting to feel someone's hard dick in my hand. I was 16 at the time and my best friend (who lives down the street, same age)and me where always together. Sleepovers, everything... [more]

My GF is being a bitch

My wife is quite often away with work so after I drop her off at the airport I pick up my girlfriend one of my wife's best friends who lives alone and she moves in to keep me company and have a really nice shagging session.
My wife is well aware of the situation and does not mind at all however over the last few stays Terrie has been leaving... [more]

What you got

Been friends with this guy from school for a long time. We have always been friends mainly due to me friend zoning him. At least that is what I hear. We went to a party and both of us got really drunk. We helped each other get back to his place where I was going to sleep on the couch.. once we got in the door though he passed out on the couch. I... [more]

I still feel really bad about it

Never told anyone about this, 8 months ago my landlord gave me 4 weeks notice, I couldn’t find anywhere to live on my budget, my friend said I was welcome to stay until you find somewhere.
I took 2 weeks off work to move and find somewhere to live.
In that 2 weeks I had sex so many times with her boyfriend, while she was at work her boyfriend... [more]

Wife stripped in poker & danced naked with friend

My young wife is a flirt - within limits. Unless she's tipsy. After a few drinks one evening she was showing my best friend her birthday presents, which included a box of bikini panties. I said why don't you model one of them for us? She looked at me and Mark, and said, "I don't know, they're awfully small - are you guys sure it would be OK with... [more]

Lisa's Knee

It will be 36 years this month (July 2015) when, at a party, Lisa kneed me right in the testicles as hard as she could. She put me in the hospital. She damaged me. A few years ago I found out that she had sexually assaulted. me. Another day. Another shower. Another reminder…….

College things

When I was in college I had a friend that was gay but I had no idea at the time. We were hanging out at his apartment and had watched a movie and talked a little bit when he said to me I know your not into guys but I have always thought about sucking on you. I looked at him and thought about what he had just said and asked if he was into guys, he... [more]

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