My wife's boss

Many men the thought of your wife misbehaving for some reason can turn you on . When I first got married any body looking at my wife let alone touching her would make me angry and jealous ,But has time goes by you change , My wife sue and I have been married 21 years and as far has I know I'm the only man she has been with , My wife is 37 im 40 , I would say sue is attractive her best assets would be her gorgeous legs beautiful tits and of course her bald pussy, Sue got a job working in a office , The only other person in the office was her boss a 59 year old widower called Mr harper , I've changed his name for a reason , One day my wife was talking about her Job ,Saying how she liked the money the hours and the job , I asked her what her boss was like she told me short chubby Pervy , I said perverted ? in what way , Sue told me he would stare at her legs sometimes look over her shoulder to try and look down her top ,She has caught him looking in the mirror at her and also spying through a door thats ajar , At first I thought I don't like that , But my wife said he was harmless , Has time went on my wife said to me one night Mr harper asked her if she would do him a favour , Sue said of course what is it , Mr harper wanted my wife to wear a short skirt and a low cut top for eye candy for a meeting with a client , I said what you going to do , My wife said I love my job but not that much , Then I was feeling strange thinking about it , I said it won't hurt showing a bit of leg and cleavage will it , you show more than that on the beach , Sue said do you think so , I said yea . The day of the meeting I was home so i said ill drop you at work , My wife showered done her hair and makeup she said I don't know what to wear , I said do you want me to pick your clothes ,she said OK , I said what ever I pick will you promise to wear it for me has well has your boss and his client ,Sue said yes I promise , First I handed her a black see through thong her black wonder bra her black high heels , A little button up top and a mini skirt she would only put on when we was fooling around in home , She said I can't put that on they will see my knickers I said I think that's what they want , After much more persuasion we was on are way to the office my wife wore a long coat to hide her outfit , I dropped her off and said good luck you look fantastic ring me and I'll pick you up later , I went back home my mind was working overtime , I couldn't stop thinking of them looking at her , Time seem to drag on , And then the phone rang it was sue I said are you OK ,she said yea you can pick me up know , So I picked her up and said what happened then anything , Sue was quiet she said I'll tell you at home , We got home made ourselves comfortable ,Sue looked at me and said your not going to like it , its partly your fault you wanted me to look like a slut , I said go on what happened, Sue said when I took my coat off Mr harper just stared at me ,He said you look so sexy that will do nicely , Could you just have a practice run I want you to walk from the door to my desk and bend over handing me some papers , Bill will be sitting behind you so he will get a nice view , Now I want you to lean over towards his chair showing your bust to him OK , I want you to do this sort of thing every time I call you into the office , I will give you a £100 pound bonus for doing this for me , she went in and out the office many times getting braver every time the final time Mr harper said bill said to seal the deal he wants a kiss Mr harper told me to sit on bills lap and kiss him , So I kissed him on the cheek bill said No on the lips a long kiss , I thought get it over with so I kissed him he held me tight he pushed my skirt up Mr harper would have had a good view I struggled to get away from him , Bill finally left , Mr harper said thankyou you was brilliant gave me the money then said , The only thing is I never had the view bill did , Would you bend over the desk for me so i can see the same has bill did ,So I bent over the desk ,then he said further I can't see nothing I knew he could , Then he said pull your skirt up open your legs , I was like this for a while He told me to turn lean forward so he could look down my top , He said undo the buttons ,I said how many , He said all of them I did this for him then he said nice tits , Mr harper said one more thing a kiss sit on my lap , I sat on his lap gave him a kiss , He was pushing my skirt up , I said that's enough , Mr harper said one more thing then you can go , I want your knickers , So i took them off then handed them to him , He said I could go I bet you have a beautiful cunt , I looked at him opened my legs pulled my skirt up to my waist then left . Sue and I have invited Mr harper to our house next week I want to watch her tease him .


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  • Your wife was 16 when you got married?

  • Yes

  • Wow what a great story it's reminds me of when I go out with my wife and she shows plenty of knickers and tits which can often lead to more fun

  • You might have set the record for the longest comma splice(s) ever recorded here.

  • My wife confessed to me that the same thing went on with her for years, she was paid to look sexy on top of being very intelligent, she is still a very beautiful woman both physically and mentally. She is in her mid 50's and I see men looking at her all the time in her bikini. I always thought that her large bonuses were from just the work she was doing but when her boss offered her extra for looking sexy and showing some skin she did not turn it down.

  • How much skin did she show , And do you think it went any further than just showing skin , And if so , what are your thoughts about that .

  • Of course she did, how do you think she got such good raises??

  • I did not ask her and probably do not want to know the answer. We are both retired now for about three years so if she did do anything I think she would tell me about it. She has never brought up any sort of threesome or sharing ideas but hey you never know until you ask.

  • She wouldn't tell you, you fucking chump.

  • Thankyou good luck to you , Would you like to see your wife with another guy thou

  • Yes I would.

  • What would you like to see her do

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