In mummy clothes

Hi when I was 12_I was caught in my mum's dress,tights ,panties and heels was so embarrassed mum spanked me and was made to stay dressed like that for the rest of the day any other guys had similar e be to them?

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  • I grew up wearing and masturbating in my mother's panties. I still love to wear her panties in front of her and have her watch me ejaculate in them.

  • It's very common to explore your mom's undies. Sometimes the mother intentionally leaves her pretty wet satin panties for her babies convenience. After all, you undoubtedly leave her panties filled with your sperm for her. That way mom and son can both inhale each other's sweet secretions. Mommy loves her babies spermies. I suggest that you make arraignments to "get caught" sniffing your mom's panties and when wearing her pantyhose too. This way (unless dad objects) mom will understand and offer to help. If she is wearing something erotic and obviously suggestive, she will enter,close the door and let you know that it's time to know each other better.

  • Yes most days I get spanking or I spank someone at my house in school st llanbradach south Wales UK

  • OH no please not you Gareth, your just a prick when are you going to get the message and fuck off

  • Oh yes

  • Mmm do tell me more

  • There is nothing more sexually arousing than being a teenage naughty boy dressed in silky ladies undies being spanked by an older male, especially while wearing stockings and suspenders. I have an older male neighbour, a widower who likes taking all his clothes off while I dress in ladies clothes and then he lays me over his lap and his stiff cock, lifts my frillies and then gently smacks my nylon knicker covered bottom. I can feel his erect cock pushing against mine in my silkies and then he gets me to sit on his erection and wriggle about until he cums. I love going round there and pleasing him and he pays me for each session. I live in the UK too.

  • SILKY cock encased in sumptuous nylons. Wet panties hard in the smooth enclosure. Deliciously naughty, so erotic and cumming soon

  • You naughty boy. Yes dressed fully En-Femme is wonderful, to feel the silky lingerie, stockings held with fancy suspenders encased in a silky lacy slip and a floaty flirty Medeshe dress and high heels of course.
    Then holding a good looking well endowed man in your arms, feeling his hard erection pushing against your silky clothes and your own erection hidden beneath them.
    Then feeling his excitement as he lifts your dress and lacy slip revealing your erect penis protruding from your silk French knickers. He gets to his knees and takes your erection between his lips gently sucking you, whilst he masturbates, but the not bring you both to ejaculation.
    He gets up, you are both so very aroused, you are in his bedroom, he asks you to bend over the bed, but facing the wardrobe mirrors so as to watch each other, he lifts your dress and slip again, he has some lovely scented face crème and he pulls your knickers over and gently massages it into your anus, you are beside yourself with arousal trying not to cum.
    Then that moment of bliss, his erection slides into your anus, tight at first but you soon relax your muscles and clench the head of his penis between your cheeks and you feel his urgent thrusts. You try not to cum, you have to hold your feeling, but your silky lingerie is caressing your erection, you feel him thrusting more urgently, you cry our for him to take you, to give you his semen.
    Then as his rate of thrusts increases to brutality you know he is about to ejaculate, then as he shouts out as his cum explodes into your anus you let yourself go and cum as his hands grip your hips as you watch each other in the mirrors.

  • So just say your a filthy poof

  • You don't know what your missing you ignorant troll!!!!!!

    Despite your jealous and stupid comment I will continue to enjoy anal sex with my friends who love me for what I am, A lingerie loving gay youth!!!!!!!!

  • Queer prick

  • You ignorant mollusc!!!! If you don't like our lovely messages to each other, then why are you reading Naughty Confessions Posts. I hate to imagine what you are into!!!!!!!! Probably eating turds!!!!

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