Big mistake

My best mate was in a bad accident which left him in a chair .Me and my wife would visit him at his home on a regular basis , He his a really nice guy we felt bad for him but he was always happy to see us . He would get in downers get really low so we always tried to cheer him up but it was difficult at times . One day when we was talking he said to us that he would get very frustrated at times , I asked why was that then he said because i still get aroused if I see a sexy women that turns me on . I jokingly said the only women you see his your two carers they are hardly sexy you must be frustrated . Then he said sue she's sexy ( Sue his my wife ) , I didn't expect that nor did Sue we laughed nervously and then changed the subject later that evening me and Sue talked about what was said . After much discussion it was my idea for Sue to give him a hand job , Sue was not sure if that was a good idea but I said a one off just a hand job what harm will it do . So we decided the next evening we would go around to his home so She would do it then , The day of the visit my wife asked me what she should wear I said something sexy , My wife chose a short skirt and a low cut top complete with slutty heels . When we got there he could not take his eyes off Sue he said are you going somewhere nice She said yes here . He looked confused , The plan was I had to pop out and leave Sue there then come back later , My plan was to find a place I could watch Sue giving my best mate a hand job . So I said see you later banged the door then got to my spot to observe . It took a while my wife looked nervous my mate just staring at her , Then my wife was stood in front of him and asked him what turns him on He said you do, She said nervously I'm going to give you a one off hand job to make you feel better .
He asked her to do something sexy to turn him on Sue said what do you want me to do , He said take your knickers off so I can look at them . Sue did what he said then he told her to take off her top so he could see her bra , Sue walked over to him knelt down then pulled his jogging bottoms down I could not believe it he was huge my wife stared at his cock for a few seconds then he said go on , Sue grabbed his cock and started wanking him off he reached down to grab her tit but Sue pushed his hand away this happened a few times. Then he said to Sue stand up let me look at your legs Sue stood up while he was playing with him self , He told Sue to turn around so he could look at her backside then he asked Sue if he could touch her backside , Sue said ok one touch has she backed up all of a sudden he grabbed Sue 's skirt pushed it up then pulled her down onto his lap , Sue struggled then he said to Sue please Sue said No I'm only giving you a hand job he said only me and you will know about this , He told Sue to face him and straddle him has she got up I thought she's free , Then she dropped her skirt to the ground undone her bra then straddled his cock Sue then F - - - - - him for ages until he shot his load , Sue got off to put her clothes back on I crept out before returning 10 mins later . On the way home I asked her what happened she said i gave him a hand job that was it .


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  • She must have a "third hand" between her legs!

  • And your wife had no idea you were watching it all?

  • When I was 23 I worked as a carer.For 3 days a week I looked after a woman who was in a wheelchair.After 3 months her husband paid me a visit at my place on my day off and we shared a couple bottles of wine.Then we ended up in bed and started a 4 month affair.

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