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My name is Christine and I’m 45 and I decided to post something about a young 23 year old co worker of mine who really liked me. It got to the point where I started to tease my husband about all the attention and comments he would always give me. If I wore something new or got a haircut he was one of the first people in my office to give me compliments My husband asked me one day to show him a picture of David so he had an idea of what he looked like and was very impressed on how handsome David looked. There were times when we would role play in bed about David. This really spiced up our sex life. My husband loved how I would really open up and tell him how hot I thought David might be in bed and how he would treat me.This went on for months before I started really getting attached to David. It was like I was starting to have a thing for him.I tried to keep my distance but there were times when we’re were having sex and I would think about David. My husband even asked me if David and me were alone and he made a move on me could I resist the temptation. He encouraged me to be honest and said the thought of it happening turned him extremely on and I replied depending where we were at probably so and have him a huge smile. He even gave me the green light something I think he always wanted.
As the weeks went by some of my friends invited me to a club/sports bar and I agreed. My husband made a remark about wishing David would show up to test my urges. At this point it was hard to take him off my mind and I sorta wish he would show up somehow. Still at my age of 45 I have always kept myself in great
shape so I decided to wear something sexy. Early in the week David asked me as normal what my weekend plans were and mentioned going out with my friends and he was really surprised and stated he goes there from time to time.
He even giggled he might show up and I’m thinking no harm I’m sure he’d bring his girlfriend with him. Being happy to see my girlfriends I really paid no attention to it when around 9:00 pm that night I spotted him at the bar and my heart raced. I walked to use the bathroom and stopped to say hi. He stated his girlfriend went out with her friends so he was there with one friend. He then told me to swing by before I left to say goodbye. This really had me excited so around 11:00 or I decided to stop and say goodbye when he said he would walk me to my vehicle if it was ok. As we started walking he stated his car was closer and he could give me a ride. As we get into his car my heart is racing and we locate my car when he leans over to kiss me. I’m shocked but I’m so aroused by then I continue the kiss. It isn’t long before his hands go from my head to my breast. He then grabs my hand and moves it to his crotch. Oh my god I cannot believe what is happening and I cannot believe the size of his bulge. I’m thinking nothing much more can
happen and maybe we’ll discuss continuing another day out to resume cause I totally want him. Instead he unzips his pants and puts his very big and
hard cock in my hand. After realizing how much bigger her was compared to my husbands size I waste no time looking around to see if things appeared safe I go down and start giving him a blow job.i cannot believe how it’s so different from giving a blow job to my husband and this is the first strange cock since marriage some 17 years back. I really wanted him even more and I had no plans to stop giving him a blowjob. David tried to get his fingers inside my panties but being inside a vehicle was making it difficult. Realizing how excited his cock size made me eagerly enjoying sucking on a him.
It was such a great feeling when he came inside my mouth I wanted every drop.
We talked shortly and I left and as soon as I came in the door I French kissed my husband and he knew what had happened. We had some of the hottest sex and I gave him every detail. He could not control himself and came quickly. Me and David meet once a month and now I have made hubby extremely happy for me to go out. This was better than I had ever imagined and sex with David is well worth the wait


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  • This sounds great. At our age, 45, I know my wife’s not going to run off with some 20 year old, so I encourage her to have sex with younger guys. She’s taking up the chance a few times now.

  • Hot hot hot

  • So hot!

  • My husband set me up with the neighbors son who's 17 Black and I am a pale Irish lass freckles and all.
    Well he started out teasing me about my freckles and I told him on day it was my true color and he starred back at me then I noticed something else he was all worked up and had his hard cock heading for my lips. He began rubbing my lips and my toung started to encircle his head sending him wild then he went down onto me shoving his hard cock deep into me and fucking me like a wild animal. Cumming in me three times before collapsing upon me. Three days later he's back into my puss but this time he takes me analy and I love it. His balls slapping my bare pussy as he rams himself deep onto me and then it happened he took hold of my hips pulled me tight against him as he buried his hard cock deeper into me and started in cumming hard.

  • So hot!!!

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