Sweet Dreams

I keep masturbating & dreaming of someone having s** with me whilst I’m pretending to be asleep. I’m getting w*t just typing this!! (26 yr old slim tattooed red head 36E) I just can’t stop thinking about the shock and my heart beating so fast in my chest when I feel a man’s hand slip into my pyjama bottoms and start stroking and exploring me. I had a close experience in a hostel when a guy got into bed with me and started f**ger**g me- I was snoring really loudly on purpose when he climbed in to bed with me in the hope he’d try something. I wanted him to f*** me SO BADLY but it was a shared dorm so I think he didn’t have the b***s.

I think about it constantly, and watch a ton of frat p**n where guys take advantage of drunk girls and they have all their h***s filled with c***s. But my dream is to pretend to be completely passed out and let them do whatever they want, and to wake up covered in c** in the morning...

I especially love the fantasy of falling asleep at like a friends house with my mouth slightly open and her dad or brother slip their d*** in my mouth and just use me while I’m “asleep.”

Is that wrong?????!? I’ve never even written this down before let alone tell anyone!!!


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  • Nothing wrong with the fantasy. Find an understanding, trustful, and safe sex partner, and role play it out, even.

  • The stars pissed me off.

  • Sorry about that- thought there was a rule about obscene language! Can’t edit it either or I would x

  • Not wrong. I have a similar fantasy, except it’s a girl fingering me while I sleep, not a guy.

  • Why are you sleeping with pajamas on. Sleep naked you'll love it !

  • Not wrong. Super hot.

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