Over the knee

I would love to have a good spanking, across a man's lap. I am called Brenda, and I'm 28.

Ten years ago, when I was 18, I got a spanking from my headmaster, for smoking. I went to his study

I had to take my panties down and lie over his lap, and he was sitting on a sofa. I had my bottom caressed and slapped. I started to wriggle and moan. My vagina was streaming. He fingered my vagina, and slapped each of my bottom cheeks, telling me my bottom was so pretty and naughty and pert. I wriggled and squealed, and tried to wriggle off; but he had me firmly pinned across his lap. I wish I could have this from a guy, now that I'm a grown woman.

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  • I will spank you

  • I don't like being spanked at all. My mother did enough of that when I was little and have no desire to be not even a little. But my husband really enjoys being spanked and whipped. His mother use to whip him using her bare hand on his bare bottom or she would go get a limb of a tree and make a switch. When I first started going out with him he wanted me to use a ping pong paddle on him. I did give him some really good spankings using that paddle. I mean making his little tight ass all red hot. He really enjoyed it. I would take him across my lap and give it to him good after I pulled down his underwear.

    It would make his penis so hard and he would leak all over my dress. Then we would make love. After a while he kind of stop asking me to whip him. I thought he grew out of it but I caught him one day whipping himself using a wooden back scratcher. He had whipped himself so good he had huge welts and his bottom was actually bleeding in several spots. I told him great if he had to go to the Dr. for something they would think I did that. He has since asked me to spank him using the back scratcher. I did and I mean I held nothing back at all. He could only take about fifteen of my strikes before he said uncle.

    But boy does he love to have his bottom spanked and whipped. Makes him so very sexually aroused and then he wants to have sex. I have to say that I do enjoy beating his ass making it all red and hot to the touch. But I don't want to be spanked or whipped. I do enjoy having him rub my ass though that makes me so horny.

  • I know what you mean, I was spanked for most of my childhood and when I was in my teens my dad pulled my skirt up onto my back and spanked me thru my panties which did not offer much protection. I could not believe how turned on I was afterwards as I jiggled with each slap I could feel myself tingling and went up to my room with fake tears and masturbated.
    I asked my husband one time after we were having a fun time wrestling a bit if he would like to spank me, he told me yes so I told him he had to earn it as I started wrestling back. He pinned me down and pulled back my bottoms to bare my ass, I was so turned on when he finished then he went down on me kissing and licking me to orgasm.

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