Mother-In-Law Spanks me

I am a 29 year old woman and I go over to my Mother-in-Law's house about once a week to get my bare bottom spanked. My husband knows his mother spanks me, and even thought the spankings are very painful and embarrassing, I must say that I enjoy them very much. I go every Sunday, at about 11:30 AM, strip to my panties, I wear cotton briefs with flowers on them, Mother doesn't want me in sexy panties, and stand in the corner and wait for her to call me out to get spanked. She often has her friends over who eat lunch and then after lunch and the dishes are done, it is time to deal with me. It is humiliating to be standing in the corner in my panties and hear people walk past me and take no notice of the woman standing in the corner in just her panties, then listen to them eat lunch, like I didn't exist. I then listen to them clean up after lunch and hear them walk past me and sit down to watch me get spanked, all without acknowledging me, or what was going to happen to me. Finally I hear my Mother-in-Law say, "Come here Cindy, time for your spanking." I hate the name Cindy, I have been Cynthia my whole life, but I turn and walk to Mother, pull my panties down to my ankles and bend over her lap. My spanking starts with hand, which gets me to tear up, then she uses a small paddle on me, which gets me crying, and finally she uses a thick wooden hairbrush which has me sobbing long before my spanking ends, then I am sent back to the corner, this time with my panties down, my panties are usually only on one ankle, sometimes I kick them off totally, but I have to stand there crying with my red bottom on display, as the witnesses to my spanking talk, with out mentioning what they just saw, or that I am standing in the corner like a naughty little girl. Finally I am told I may leave the corner, I pull up my panties, if I kicked them off I must go fetch them, and apologize to everyone for being naughty and having to be spanked. I am then fed lunch, usually a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of milk, then I must return to the living room and sit while "the adults" visit, still wearing just my panties.
When all is done I must stand by the door and say goodbye to everyone and again tell them how sorry I am for being a naughty girl and having to be spanked in front of them.
I then get dressed and go home waiting for next Sunday for my next spanking.

Feb 19

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    • Did it turn you on?

    • Yes it do I really want to have sex with her

    • I would love to see that too

    • I’ve never did it with another woman

    • Its so hot watching women. I had multiple partners that enjoyed it. You should try it

    • So hot. Nothing like watching women pleasure each other. What do you both look like?

    • I used to get together with a guy when I was younger and he would spank my bare assed cheeks over his lap. my dick was so hard that I would cum without touching it and afterwards I would suck his dick or get butt fucked

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