I like being otk and spanked

Ever since I was little I've loved getting my bare bottom spanked. I would go out of my way to get spankings from anyone that would give me one and this continued well into my teens and then it came to a halt and I considered going to a professional but I was far to embarrassed to talk to anyone about it then one day I went with my aunt to help out with this older man she cared for he was about 70 and he was bed ridden but he was sharp as a tack so why she would make food for him I would sit and talk to him. Well one day we were discussing my job and I was telling him how I hated my job and everyone was an ass that I worked with and he said it sounded like I was spoiled and should be grateful I have a job and I said that's lame and that I'm not he said if you were my daughter I'd spank you well that got my attention and kind of got me a little wet so I wondered to myself if I should pursue this and I excused myself to go see my aunt she said she needed to go to the agency and asked if I could stay till she got back I said sure no problem and she told me to take his lunch into him so I did and I sat with him while he ate and we talked some more. I decided to bring up the spanking conversation again and I told him I think your right I do need a spanking and he said yes you do so I said would you give me one? He said yes you can lay across my lap on the bed I said ok so I bent over his lap and he said no you need to pull your shorts and panties down you need your bare bottom spanked I was a little embarrassed but I did it and I bent over his lap he said you have a lovely bottom and started rubbing it then the next thing I know he was smacki bbc.co g my bottom hard and I could feel myself getting swollen and dripping and before I realized what I was doing I was parting my legs and the spanking stopped and he said lift your bottom up a little higherso I did and he started fingering me and spanking me alternating each action and I was exploding! He continued this for a little while more but we had to stop because my aunt was coming back so he adked I I could cone back in a couple of days and he would give me another spanking so I said yes he asked that I wear a short skirt thought so I did he wanted to lift my skirt and pull my panties down himself. This went on for a few months but his family decided he needed to move in with them so I was forced to find someone else to spank me and I did.

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  • Tell us more please! I love cumming to this! I keep reading it over and over again!

  • My dad would spank me and my siblings for punishment, I know it is hard to say but it turned me on even though sitting the next day was hard to do. I had not been spanked in ten or so years and my husband was joking around one evening and pulled me down on his lap, he spanked me a few times then I told him to pull down my pants and spank my bare bottom. He did so and I could feel myself getting turned on with each smack and when he was done he kissed and licked me. We have had several sessions of this and he gets as turned on as I do.

  • We spank our two daughter ages 9 and almost 11 and have noticed our oldest daughter press her little groin into my lap and she sometimes looks a little wet. But she has not started puberty yet. Im wondering if she could be enjoying it some what..

  • My daughter enjoys a otk spanking from me .I also enjoy a spanking over a ladies knee on my bare bottom.

  • Die Paedophile

  • Whys that because she gets a little wet and it makes me hard looking at her little hairless pussy and she going over my knee in half hour for back talking my wife earlier and pushing her little sister..

  • So hot!

  • What I would have done if I was him or given the opportunity to do that to someone, I would have licked all over your ass first until it was really wet while you’re bent over my lap so it hurt more when I spanked you. If he could and had time, it would have been hotter if he stuck his dick in your ass after spanking you for so long before your aunt came back.

  • Hottest things about this, you have an old guy spanking you, you really want it, and pulling your panties down and exposing your ass and pussy to a guy you just met. Just hope you returned some sort of favor and sucked his dick sometime during those months.

  • I would have also tanned your bottom grown up and you would mist certainley not have being looking for one off a stranger honey. Your little bottom would have being bared alot when you where little..

  • Oh my god how old are you?? This story is so hot!!
    I'm 25 I love being spanked and I looove older men too!! You sound very cute do you like girls at all? <3

  • You didn't have my father as a parent or you would be in great fear of spankings. He called them spanking I did not. A 3" wide razor strap being swung on you by a 240 lb man is not a spanking. It's not anything you ever want to revisit

  • I completely agree with you but what you received was not a spanking it was whipping. I am sorry that happened to you and I am sure it was traumatic for you to go through, I was paddled and it also hurt much more than a spanking.

  • Spankings are worse than paddle on bare bottom. I hate getting spanked by my dumb mom.

  • I love to spank you

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