Desperately want to be spanked.....

I long for my boyfriend to spank me. I want him to come home one day and insist I come to his side whilst he sits on the edge of the bed. That he insists I undress from the waist down and lie across his lap and that he slowly starts spanking my bottom from cheek to cheek, over and over again steadily getting harder and harder. When I wriggle he pins my arms behind my back. I just want to feel that warmth, the pain, the submissiveness feeling of the makes me wet just thinking about it!

Does this make me weird? Is there something wrong with me?

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  • Not weird at all. It's a very common fantasy and it's awesome when you find someone willing to participate.

  • Done it to my hot older sister several times. Started in her old apartment. We were having sex anyway, and she found a wild streak in herself. One night was joking about "wondering how it would feel to just..have my ass spanked, hard, and I can't do anything about it".

    She was already in her very short, white robe, so I turned her around on the couch, flipped the robe bottom all the way up, and smacked her perfect, bare ass so much and hard that she was screaming into the pillow and nearly losing her voice. I had both of her long-nailed hands in my free hand, so she couldn't move them.

    When I let her up minutes later, her face was beet red, she had to catch her breath, and kept saying how her ass hurt so much, BUT...Wanted me to keep doing it to her every time we were together, no matter what she was wearing. Robe, shorts, sweats, or, as she had a habit of doing at home, thong undies. I was all too happy to fulfill her ass-spanking desires, no matter how long they lasted.

  • Spankings are something I grew up with and received as punishment but for me it was exciting for some reason. My dad would forcibly put me across is legs, pull up or down what ever I was wearing then pull down my underwear exposing my rear end. He would smack me really hard a few times then rub his hand across my cheeks, I could feel the tingles all the way inside me as my rear got smacked. I would be wet sometimes when I touched myself back in my room, I know he got off on it as well because there were a few times I looked back at him and he had his head turned looking down at my ass, when he would rub it I could feel my cheeks getting spread apart for him to view me.
    My husband was so turned on when I came over the first time and laid across his lap and told him to spank me as hard as he wanted, after a few minutes I told him to finger me roughly. He pulled off his belt and wrapped it around my elbows securing my arms behind my back then spanked, fingered and pleasured me for a while. He even pinned my legs apart and roughly jammed several fingers into me while spanking my ass, I loved it all and he we do this often as foreplay. He took it even a step further and will force me to give him a blow job with my arms still tied behind me, I end up gagging sometimes but for some reason I love it.

  • Somebody's been watching too much 50 shades

  • Stop playing around on the computer you little cunt and get over here! Now take your fucking skirt off and lay across my lap...... WHACK! Take That! SMACK.... CRACK.... WHAMOO! What, that hurts? SHUT UP and grab your ankles you naughty little bitch!

    You wouldn't be able to sit down for days if you were mine.

  • Unf..please, ...nooo, I'll be a good girl

  • Don't want a good girl you little slut I just want to smack your arse so hard every day

  • I'd love to spank her arse every day like I do to other girls

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