I am 18 old girl with spanking habits and spanking needs.
Anybody 50+ wants to spank me regularly?

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  • I took a hot, little, early 20-something girl home from the sports bar one night after her shift ended. We'd chatted a few times, and she was comfortable asking me for a ride. Plus, I found her a sexy little thing, so said yes.

    After about 20 minutes and two wrong turns, I find her apartment house, and she invites me in. I agreed, as it wasn't late, and, I wanted to fuck her. We get in, she goes into her bedroom to change out of her work clothes, which did kind of smell like a bar kitchen, and she comes back out in a tiny, black, barely-there thong and half-shirt that showed off her fit upper body, lays across me on the couch, ass towards me, and tells me.."You know what to do...Smack it, hard!" with a fun laugh.

    I did it a few times, figuring, ok, this is her payment for taking her home, but, was wrong.. I spent the next hour and a half spanking her ass with my flat hands, a mirror she had on the coffee table, plastic cooking spoon she had in the kitchen drawer after I bent her over the table, and just..Having at her ass, spanking the hell out of her.

    After that, if I was in when she worked, we did the same thing...Take her home after shift end, and I'd spank and abuse that hot, firm ass of hers. Got to a point where she'd walk past me in the bar, shake her ass, and sneak in comments like "Are you watching me?". Was so fun!

  • Yes. I am 54, and very experienced

  • I’m 53 married and well fit. I’d love to spank you only, if I’d get the chance to eat your pussy out good. How’s that work?

  • Quite all right.

  • She is a fake and is a male

  • How do you know that?

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