Spanked wife

My husband recently started spanking me. He came home from work last week and asked me to come into our bedroom. I did. He told me to take my clothes off, all of them. I did. He bent me over his knee and instructed me to count as his began spanking me with a leather paddle. He was reprimanding me the entire time. I had argued with him in front of our company & disrespected him by raising my voice at him. He was not pleased, but waited a few days to cool off. He spanked me for probably 30 minutes, one right after the other. I told him I was sorry, but all he said was- "I'm going to make certain you are". After the hard spanking He positioned me on my knees, on the bed. His hands were on my red & blistered bottom. He was soothing the pain and then - instintaly my pussy felt him push himself into me. He thrusted himself into me while telling me that he can not tolerate that behavior from me. After that, he held me so tight & wiped my tears, kissed me & continued to soothe my stinging bottom.

2 months ago

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    • My husband spanks me but not for 30 minutes, that is way to excessive and sounds like assault. With me it's usually just 10 smacks by hand on my bare bum. As it's a bit of a game for us, but I like to be reminded that I'm his wife and submissive to him in the bedroom. He's not a dominating bully, we decide on things together but it's just how I am, a bit kinky for submission. After the spanking we do the same as you, I have to bend over something so that he can doggy me. Sometimes it's a blow job but the sex dom/sub thing is the same.

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