Wife caught me

So this is my second marriage. My first wife knew I was bisexual and even let me play if she could be involved or at least watch. We got divorced and I went through a gay phase. Divorce wasn't the best and I didn't want to deal with women. I legit dated a man for 4 years. Then missed being with a woman in bed. Met my current wife. She has no idea I've been with men. Can't exactly tell her now.

So my wife is adventurous sexually speaking. She is a huge fan of being nude. She likes anal. She sucks dick. So about a week ago she says she wants to do a pool party. Not just a normal pool party. A naked pool party. She asks if I want to invite anyone. I tell her it would be ppl I work with and they may not wanna do a naked party.

So she invited some of her work friends and other friends. One was her ex bf. The guy she was with before me. She told me all about it. They had a lot of sex. She said sex every day the entire three years they were together. Anal, ass eating, 3 somes. A lot of stuff.

There is about 10 ppl there. My wife isn't thin but not obese. Just thick. She has a lot of tattoos and quite a few piercings. Her most notable tattoo is a octopus tattoo that goes from her right knee, covers her right butt cheek and up to her armpit. She has her belly button, nipples and clit pierced.

She's extremely friendly. Doesn't believe kissing is cheating. She will tongue kiss all her friends. Kinda sexy seeing her make out with guys and girls when she says hello. Anyway, last person that comes in is a "work friend" named Steve.

Steve is my old boyfriend. The guy I was with for several years before I had met my wife. He comes in and sees me. My face gets flushed. I could feel the blood leave my whole body and go to my face. Wife says, "Honey. This is Steve. We work together." Steve shakes my hand and says, "Nice to meet you."

So everyone is naked. Everyone is having drinks and swimming. Eating burgers and hot dogs. Steve sits down next to me and hands me a beer. Says, "I had no idea stacy was your wife." I said, "I had no idea you two worked together." He said, "Still into guys?" I said, "I didn't think about it for a while but it never stopped being a thing." He said, "Wanna go somewhere?" I said, "And do what?" He said, "Well. Start off with me sucking your dick. End with me cumming in your ass?"

So we went into a spare bedroom. Didn't get too far. I'm sitting in a chair laying back. He's on his knees and sucking my dick. Wife walks in and says, "Hey, we may need some more....oh wow."


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  • Personally i think it’s sexy as fuck an i would of got on the bed got really comfortable an got myself off watching u sucking him or or u sucking him off. i’m a girl an i think it’s extremely hot watching guys suck eachother off i also think to woman together is sexy to watch as well . to each ur own ... j

  • How would your wife know you were in the spare room? That's the last place she'd look?

  • Then what did she say after?

  • Once she got over the surprise, I bet your wife got turned on by it.

  • Never in the history of forever, has a woman been turned on by watching two men do each other. Unlike two women together, it is just downright disgusting to see two fags going at it, unless you are a fag yourself.

  • You must not know very many women, I know lots that dig gay sex porn. It's a cock fest with multiple cum shots!

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