When I met my husband

When I met my husband I had been on a dating website. I was 28 and divorced. I don't do the bar hopping scene and even though im outgoing, I don't just talk to everyone. Then I met Ryan.

The site I was on is for ppl wanting a relationship but more than half is guys just wanting to get laid. I admit, I had sex with my fair share of guys on there. I liked the idea of having my own place with nobody else to answer to. Being able to have a guy take me to dinner then take him to my house, fuck him and him be gone in the morning. I'm ashamed to admit, I had sex with quite a few married men. Guess it was men not getting laid by their wives. Married men that don't get laid are excellent in bed but I'm not one to have a prolonged affair with a man that probably will never leave his wife.

So Ryan msged me. It was different than your standard, "Hey there good looking. Got any nudes?" We talked for a week about likes and dislikes. Then I started the conversation he had been avoiding because he was being a gentleman. I said, "So what are you into sexually?" He said, "What do you mean?" I said, "Well, first off, when was the last time you had sex?" He said, "Honestly?" I said, "Lol yes." He said, "6 months. You?" Girls ask that, one, to see if a guy will lie and two, if they have sex often and I'm just another notch. I said, "Last night." He said, "Wow. Really?" I said, "Your last gf not like sex?" He said, "It was kind of a chore for her. Like twice a month and she wasn't very into it." I said, "Girls on these sites get like 100+ msgs a day from guys wanting to see my tits. I love sex. A girl can only masturbate so much." He said, "Carrie said she didn't masturbate." I said, "Carrie lied. Everyone masturbates." He said, "How often do you if you don't mind me asking?" I said, "Just about every morning. So what kind of kinky things do you like?" He said, "Lots of things. Don't want to scare you." I said, "Indulge me. You won't scare me." He said, "I think women with hair is sexy as hell." I said, "Like a hairy pussy?" He said, "Armpits too." I said, "Really? I kinda like that. I think I can do that. Like don't shave during the winter?" He said, "Ideally, don't shave at all. I mean legs are fine but if you never wanted to shave your armpits or pussy ever again I'd be a happy guy." I said, "I like some variety." He said, "Like what?" I said, "Well that's why I'm divorced. My ex caught me cheating." He said, "Caught as in..." I said, "He got off work. He walked in the front door and I was riding my bosses cock on the couch." He said, "Wished you hadn't cheated on him?" I said, "Nope. Wished he was the kinda guy that would be turned on to see me having sex." He said, "Well, it has been a fantasy of mine to walk in on my wife having sex." She said, "With a guy or another girl?" He said, "Both. Either." I said, "We can make that happen." He said, "My ex didn't suck dick. Just wanted sex face to face. Well if she wanted it at all." I said, "I like it all. I love sucking dick. I love having my ass eaten out. Love eating pussy. Kinda liking anal as of late. Gotta get used to it tho." He said, "How's that?" I said, "You don't just like anal the first time. Gotta get used to it. So if you know someone that says they like anal, they've done it a lot."

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