What the wife wants

Wife came home from work about an hour later than usual. I asked if she worked late. She said no. A few ppl from work went out for a couple drinks after work. She said, “So there is this guy that got transferred to our department. Pretty cool guy. About 6 ft. Built. Flirted with me pretty heavy. Bought all my drinks.” I said, “Is he hot?” She said, “Yeah. I’ve heard rumors that he’s packing some heat.” I said, “From who?” She said, “Sometimes he wears pants that shows it off. I haven’t seen it. So you should know something.” I said, “What’s that?” She said, “He asked me if I wanted to go home with him.” I said, “Did you tell him you are married?” She said, “Yeah. He said it was cool with him if it was cool with me.” I said, “So. Do you wanna fuck him?” She said, “Can I?” I said, “Seriously? Like for real?” She said, “Yeah. For real. He’s hot. He’s built. He’s got a big dick. I almost went home with him tonight but I wanted to tell you what’s up.” I said, “What if you do it and you like it? What if you leave me for him?” She said, “It’s just sex. I wanna say just once that I got fucked silly by a guy with a huge dick.” I said, “You don’t even know that it’s big.” She said, “I kinda went down on him in his car when we left the bar.”

17 days ago


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    • After ten years of being together and eight years of marriage my wife told me that she wanted to date other men and if I wanted her to she would move out or she would stay. Since I didn't want her to move out, I agreed that she could date other men, During the next two years she brought a guy home almost every weekend and I would be in the guest bedroom when they arrived. I listened to them fuck and would masterbate while they were fucking. After the guy left, I would lick the come out of my wife and then run a bath for her. We would talk about how the guy fucked her while she bathed. After the two years when she fucked almost 100 guys she stopped and she only has sex with me.

    • My wife wanted to know what it would be like to get fucked by a guy with a bigger cock than mine. I asked her if she was serious about it. She said yes that it would be just sex. I agreed to it she found a guy that she wanted to fuck. I watched her getting ready for him . He came to are house to pick her up. I looked out the window to see what he looked like. I looked at my wife and said he is a black guy. She said I know that and he is a lot bigger than you. Come to find out that he was 10 inches. She didn't come home all weekend. When she did come home I asked her how it was. She smiled at me and said that she cumed so much with him and that he fucked her all weekend long that she never put her clothes on. That was 42years ago and she is still fucking black guys. Good luck

    • Tell her to finish what she started and while she’s sucking his cock you can throw all her shit to the curb.

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