Walked in on them

So yesterday we had a cookout. Around 7pm I realized that I hadn't gotten next week's groceries yet so I left to go get them. Only ppl left were my wife Stacy and our friend Eli. I've known Eli for 15 years.

I didn't need a whole lot so it didn't take me long. Probably an hour. I got home and loaded my arms up with grocery bags. I walked in the front door and saw my wife and Eli naked on the couch. My wife was laying on the couch. Head in the middle and ass and legs on the arm of the couch hanging off. Eli was on top of her in a 69. Stacy was sucking his dick like no other. Eli was eating her pussy. Stacy could hardly concentrate. She was mid orgasm.

I dropped the bags and said, "What the fuck is this?" Eli said, "You said make myself at home!" Stacy said, "And I was just being a good host!" I said, "Wow really?" Stacy said, "We thought you'd be gone longer. We aren't done so either get naked and help or let us finish!"

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  • My wife has always fucked whoever she wanted.

  • 40 years ago my hot wife Amy and I were staying at a hostel near a sky resort.
    Amy is an expert skier -- me not so much. Her and Bob from hostel were on the expert slops, I was by myself on the medium slopes. They seemed too chummy but I was determined to give her a long leash and not be a controlling jealous husband like a buddy of mine. Mostly envious that I couldn't be with them. Back at the hostel there was plenty of beer and wine. We all had a little too much. Rules were girls slept in separate rooms from guys, even if you were married. Amy always sleeps in the nude, she's still like that. 3 AM I wake to pee and thought I'd check on Amy. Bob's fucking her -- the other girl in room is gone. I can see by the dim night light she's just sort of letting him have his way with her. Too embarrassed, damaged done and she's on BC I sulk my way back to my room. For two weeks I'm treating her like crap and she asks what's wrong? I said I saw you having sex with Bob. She's says I'm delusional, I did not. We go back and forth on this and she said that she had way too much to drink and she had a dream she had sex with him, but I guess he actually took advantage and I remember in the dream him licking my pussy and I invite him to go all they way, he was pretty small and I think I fell asleep during. Woke up thinking that was some wet dream, I'm all wet.

  • I walked in and caught my mom and sister in a 69. I immediately was hard and shed my clothing. They were both surprised when they saw me, but I ended up fucking them both.

  • Now it is out and open and you know of your wife's kink, just join them in a 3-some relationship. Make your sex-life worthwhile.

  • I knew my wife was cheating on me, so I setup spy cams and videoed it.

    A week later I caught my wife and my best friend. He married to my wife's best friend. I proceeded to beat him until he was unconscious. My wife tried to stop me. Knocked her out with one punch and added a few shots to her face to fuck her up bad.

    Put them in my pickup and dumped them in the front yard of his house and waited for cops. Spent 2 years in jail, but the bitch was disgraced in the the town and her face is fucked up. He is a broken man now, can barely walk.

    It was worth it.

  • Sorry you had to do time for some justice. The wife is always a crap shot but the best friend....

  • Fuck yes, I would have done the same thing. Im older now so my choice of weapon is not my fist!

  • Seriously? Just grow up and move on like a sane adult, you obviously were not satisfying her.

  • Caught my first wife and had the same basic thing happen. I am laid back and I was pissed, but at the same time turned on. So, I said OK....and screwed my wife like no tomorrow. She even commented....damn, what got into you? My friend and I kept swapping ends....finally wife got on top of me and he banged her ass. He cum, got dressed and left. I was still pumping. So we did some other threesomes once in awhile. That went well. Until a few years later she fell in love with one of the guys. Divorced me, married him....and regret it for years afterwards but I would not take her back. Would love to know how this story went later....

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