All - Rounder

Me and my wife have just bought a house that needs quite a lot of work , We know it's going to take time and money . So we got lucky we managed to get a guy that lived quite close to help us , He was a bit of a all - rounder and cheap which was perfect . Mark was his name he was saving us lots of time and money he was a godsend , My wife and me still had to keep working to pay the bills , So Mark had the keys to the house so he could carry on working . One day I came home early I was dropped off at the end of the drive , My car had some problems so had to go into the garage . I realised I had left my house keys on the car key ring , I knew I could get in through the garage so thats what I did . I heard a noise upstairs I knew my wife wasn't home and Mark if he was working would be in the kitchen , I was cautious going upstairs and then I could see mark through the stair spindles sitting on our bed . I stopped and watched him he had my wife's panties in one hand and his cock in his other hand , He then put my wife's panties over his nose and started playing with himself . I didn't know what to do , Then he put my wife's panties down then picked something up off the bed at first I couldn't see it . And then it came into view it was my wife's dildo he put it in his mouth and carried on playing with himself , He wrapped my wife's panties around his cock within seconds he shot his load in them , I crept back outside and waited ten minutes before knocking on the door mark opened the door has if everything was normal . Eventually I went to our bedroom found my wife's panties they had cum on them not much thou , Then i looked at my wife's dildo it was covered in cum Mark must have wipped her panties on it . I cleaned it and never said anything to my wife or Mark has far has im concerned that was his bonus . I can't afford to loose him so I may leave something next to my wife's dildo , If he goes their again something to keep him interested ,But I don't know what I can put their at this moment any ideas would be appreciated thanks for reading my confession .

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  • I decided to leave 3 photos of my wife on the bedside table , I could not be there to watch him because I have to work . But I acquired a spy camera then set it up after my wife left , All that day it was on my mind when I finally got home I set it up to watch the outcome . I'll get straight to the interesting bit Mark walked in to our bedroom he noticed the photos quite quickly and was looking at them , He disappeared then returned with my wife's panties . Again he was on the bed playing with himself and then he went and got my wifes dildo but this time he also had her douche as well . When he finally shot his load he shot it inside the douche then put everything back , I checked the douche it had a lot of come inside of it at this moment it's still inside of it .

  • Keep us updated.

  • Let her suck his cock. You may get him to work for free or a lot cheaper

  • I am not sure about going that far yet

  • Why not? Could be a lot of fun

  • Leave a naughty picture of your wife in a compromised situation for Mark to feast on. Maybe you can "accidentally" leave the picture somewhere Mark is sure to find it. Did this episode make you horny?

  • Yes very horny , I will try a photo of my wife good idea see what happens

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