Cheating on the wife

I've been married 12 years. We were together about a year before getting married. We were sexually attracted to each other from the get go. We fucked damn near daily for the first 3 years or so. She got pregnant about a month before the wedding. You damn good considering I always came inside her.

She got pregnant and we still had a lot of sex. She was even hornier. She would masturbate in her shower in the morning before we both went to work. She would masturbate after she got home and we would fuck before bed. Once the baby was here and she went back to work all that stopped. Sex dropped off to once a week. At first, I'd just masturbate in the morning after she left but that wouldn't be enough.

So I've been cheating on her off and on for about 9 years. 3 women and 2 men over the years. First was a coworker. She knew I was married. Knew I didnt want a divorce. We got along great and would just go to her place after work and have sex. That would be 2-3 times a week for about 8 months. Would have kept going but her baby's daddy wanted to get back together.

Second woman was also a coworker at w different store. She hit on me. She knew I was married. She didn't care. We got along great. Too great. We would go on dates. Had to make up reasons to be out. We had sex like 4 times a week for over a year. Had to stop because wife started getting suspicious. Had to jump through hoops to see my mistress. Just wasn't worth it.

Guys have been sporadic. Had an old high school buddy that just liked sucking my dick. Knew I was married and just wanted me to text, come over, get my dick sucked and bounce. Did that anywhere from once a week to once every other week. Just depended on my mood. No gf. Just the wife. She had gotten a horny streak. We were having sex once a week. My buddy was sucking me off about once a week. That lasted a very long time. Like 2 years.

Then we moved. Wife started just griping and bitching. Not about anything I was doing. Just in general. Complaints about various things. For about the last 3 years, sex is anywhere from once every other week to once every other month. Not enough! Not because I'm having sex with other ppl and don't want to fuck her. Because I do everything for her and try and she says no.

I've had a girlfriend for the last 2 years. Like full on girlfriend. Wife never wants to go out. I'm still in like with my wife. I'm in love with my gf. Why am I not divorcing my wife? I don't wanna pay child support. We get along decent, so ATM I'll just have my cake and eat it too


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  • My wife is really great about having sex. She never denies me. She is not stupid she knows I am going to have sex one way or another so she does take care of business everyday with me. It's gotten better for her as now Im really only in the mood once a day

  • Similar thing here after two children wife just was not interested and did not enjoy it at all when we had sex prefer'd for me to masturbate, eventually I started dating a younger woman near work and everything was fantastic she was a raving nympho, I decided to tell my wife and was shocked when she said it was fine with her as long as she could meet Brenda, they did and get on really well, so everything could not be better, plus no fear of getting caught.

  • W h all.

  • Yeah, a lot of guys are in the same boat as you... I know because I am one of the gay men sucking frustrated married men's cocks on a regular basis.

  • And bless guys like you. Guys like you give ridiculous head. The guy that just wanted to give head. He gave a hell of a bj. Like he'd get me naked and would keep sucking me after I came. Married man. Love pussy. Love sucking dick and having guys suck mine

  • Powerful peter.

  • I’m in the same boat, just haven’t started cheating yet.

  • Lets be hoonest, Only because you haven't had a real shot at doing so.

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