Wife’s confession

I’ve been working 3rd shift for the past 10 years. I prefer 3rds because there are less big wigs at the plant and it’s way more laid back. As a result, the wife is at home by herself. She asked me several years back if she can have one of her female friends stay with her at night and I was totally ok with it.

Then about a month ago, I got off work early so I headed home. I walked in the door to see my wife and her friend having sex on the couch. Both of the butt naked and 69ing. My wife was in mid orgasm. She didn’t even notice me at first but then they both looked at me. She had a look of shock on her face. She just said, “Hey babe. You’re home early. Sara and I have only been going for 30 minutes so I’d like to finish first if that’s ok.” I said, “Only 30 minutes? How long do you need?” She said, “Well, we usually go for an hour or two. You can fuck me when I get done.” Sara said, “That is if you can still walk.”

After they were done they were both laying naked together spooning. They had moved into the bedroom so I could watch tv. I said, “So, how long has this been going on?” My wife said, “Since I asked you if Sara could stay with me.” I said, “Ten Years?!?” She said, “Yeah.” I said, “How often do you guys have sex?” She said, “Every night.” I said, “That’s over 2000 times!” She said, “Sorry. Well, not really. I’m horny and I love sara.” I said, “So you are a lesbian?” She said, “Not exactly. You and I still do have sex but damn near.” I said, “Do the ppl at work know?” She said, “Oh yeah. They think we are married to each other.”

Mar 28

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    • You should fuck Sarah and have your wife watch.

    • Time for divorce

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