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I want to come clean and tell you something I done that I'm not proud of , I want to tell my wife but I don't think she would forgive me for it , My wife and I went out for a few drinks one night and we bumped into a old neighbour of ours , My wife and I was only going to have a few drinks then get off home but that changed now we had bumped into Mark , We knew Mark he used to live next door to us we ended up being good friends so it was nice to have a catch up , I always remember him watching my wife when she was out in the garden he would spy on her through the fence , Many times I would see him watching her it turned me on a bit the thought of Mark trying to see up her skirt or down her top , Anyway we ended up having a good time to much to drink especially my wife she was well out of it , So we walked home and I asked Mark if he wanted to come in for a drink before his long walk home,So we all got comfortable with a drink and just talking about all sorts of things , My wife had on a skirt she had took her jacket off so she had a blouse on , We was planning on having some fun when we got home so she had stockings on , We had been talking for a while when I noticed my wife had fell asleep , while we was talking Mark kept looking at her legs he noticed id seen him and said how can she walk in those heels , I needed a pee I said I won't be a minute and left the room I paused and looked through the gap in the door , Mark nelt down and lifted the hem of her skirt up looking at her knickers i could not believe what I was seeing , I quickly used the toilet then came back down and carried on talking where we had left off , Mark was still looking at her legs I did something I should not have done I looked at Mark then put my hand on her leg , He was looking at me I started to pull her skirt up he was looking at me then at my wife I pulled it up more , Then I just pulled it up to show her knickers I said go on have a closer look he knelt down again looking at her crutch , I then undone a couple of buttons on her top I said go on have a look down , He did i pulled it more so he had a good look then I opened her legs a little then pulled her knickers to the side , He knelt down again got close to her looked at me i said sniff her he did I put my finger on her slit then put it by his mouth he sucked it my wife started to stir so I made him go , I felt horny but sick .

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  • This is not so bad.Me and my girlfriend are Polish,we live in UK.We were early twenties and our English neighbour invited us for drinks and jacuzzi.After a few hours I was teasing my girlfriend to remove her bikini top,so when she left to get us more drinks she came back without it.My neighbour was impressed.The next time she went for drinks I untied her bikini bottom and it fell to the ground revealing her trimmed bush.Anyway we ended up in my neighbours bedroom having a threesome.We took turns fucking my girl but mostly he fucked her because she was enjoying his bigger dick and I slid my cock in and out of her mouth.It was so hot we did it alot.

  • I dearly love to expose my wife. It comes from being very proud that hottie is mine. I love others seeing her totally naked in person.

  • I will show u some hot pics of my wife's hugh tits an nice hot wet Pussy I love to show her off u can talk dirty to her. The better it get

  • You felt sick because this was a sick thing to do.

  • Don't tell her. Did it turn you on to do that? I would love to do that with my wife

  • Yes it did , what's your wife like

  • Coming from prior experience this is what you do. Shut your mouth. If this is bothering you then correct the behavior in the future. Hell's fury could come your way as you say she probably won't forgive you. You won't feel any better by confessing. My punishment was many years of being reminded and living in hell about my indiscretion.

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