Wet knickers

My wife me and another couple are friends went out for a meal one night . We all had a bit to much to drink , We all ended up back at their house for a night cap . His wife fell asleep so he put her to bed , We carried on drinking and having a laugh my wife was laughing when she said she was going to the bathroom . At the time I did not think nothing of it , When she came back and sat down my mate kept staring at her looking at her legs . Well my wife had a short skirt on and has got great legs , Anyway I used the bathroom when I came back down we left and went home . I mentioned to my wife that my mate kept looking at her legs , My wife said he wasn't looking at my legs he was looking up my skirt , I said why do you think that my wife said that when she was laughing she wet her self so she took her knickers off . And when I went to the bathroom he pushed her legs open to look at her and said did you do that for me . My wife told him what she had told me , He wanted to see her wet knickers for proof so she got them out of her handbag and handed them to him . She said he would not give them back and would hide them and tell you that I was not wearing any knickers , He told me to stand up pull my skirt up so he could look at me then you came down then we left . He has still got her knickers that night she was hot in bed I think she liked it . What do you think ?

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  • You should take her to a bar in a mini skirt with no knickers and let her have fun flashing guys in the booths..... it will turn you both on for sure. Even better if she gets to flirt and have guys buy her drinks while you're in the bathroom or outside making a call or whatever reason you come up with for leaving briefly. Could lead to a fun threesome if you're into that, if not then some great fun between you two when you get home.

  • That sounds like fun , I don't know how far to take it thou

  • Okay, so I read a joke once it's like this in short a woman said to her man about her knickers,she took them off and tossed them at him and said "put these on"he said he couldn't get into them,she said to him"you never will either"

  • I love the comment with the joke mentioned, funny

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