Embarrassing Confessions

Drunk Barefoot King

One Time I was having Lunch at Burger King and then in comes a group of Midgets carrying their King who was wearing nothing but a Robe and the Burger King Crown, holding a Scepter and his Throne was a Toilet.
The King was also barefoot and he had what looked like his underwear around his ankles and oh my god the moment this asshole came in I... [more]

Tried to stop the wife swop

We were with two friends , husband and wife.
We had all drunk too much , when I jokingly suggested a wife swop.
The husband was all for it and kept pushing the idea. After more drinks and more pressure, my wife finally agreed, although his wife did not seem too keen.
Then suddenly her husband grabbed hold of my wife’s hand and took her... [more]

Fingered admission surprised me

I knew my wife had a colourful past when We got together.
Three lovers before she was 16.
She married at 17 pregnant by her husband to be.
They split up after four years. So from 21 to 24 when we got together, she had sex with a further 9 guys!
But what surprised me was what she said casually one day.
I asked about boyfriends when she was... [more]

Close call in the woods

It was a nice, sunny day outside while I was going for a walk. I made it to a quiet, wooded area.
I walked a fair distance in, and since it was warm out, I took off everything, and went for a walk through the woods. I walked naked through the area for a while , until I heard a couple of voices nearby. A couple of women chatting to themselves... [more]

Finally fucked my mother

I have read many stories on this site about incest.
If you want a true story here is one.
In the early seventies my father died.
Weeks later my mother started drinking most nights, and it got worse!
I used to have to help her to get into bed.
On one occasion after I had helped her upstairs and onto the bed I helped her get... [more]

Is it me?

Is it me or do many guys get turned on thinking about their wife’s past? Getting hard when I think of her totally naked underneath an also naked guy with her legs open and his penis penetrating and conquering her! Especially when it happened quite a lot with mine

Should I have walked away after fucking her

When I met my wife to be, she was beautiful, blonde and she gave me the eye.
She agreed to a date, and ended up marrying her.
Many years later I met a guy who I hadn’t seen for years.
We chatted and I told him I was married, he asked who and when I told him her name he smiled and I asked him why he was smiling... he didn’t want to say anything... [more]

Why did she do this

My wife has had plenty of lovers before me,
I can accept this apart from one.
He was much younger than her and for some reason this has become an obsession with me for the 40 plus years we have been married.
I have grilled her why someone so young and then what they did together.
Now this has now starting to turn me on.
I jerk off thinking... [more]

She said his penis was thick

Discussing my wife’s past lovers after both of us had been drinking, she owned up about on guy that she started to have sex with.
But when he pushed his penis into her it hurt.
I said it must have been big cock but she said no it just felt very thick!
He kept thrusting away and she said please stop your hurting me, but he was too excited and... [more]

Panties off for a lift home

Talking to my wife of a few years, she opened up about when she was in her early twenties before she met me.
She agreed to go to a college dance with a guy who was boarding there.
He was a few years younger than her.
During the dance they went back to his room where he tried it on.
But she said no... but he said that if she wanted a lift home... [more]

Was it wrong to suck his cock

Before I met my wife... she admitted that she had a relationship with a teenager who was just 16 years old when she was in her early twenty’s.
Again she reluctantly admitted the she had touched and eventually sucked his young penis before opening her legs for him!
She says she just got carried away???
But I keep thinking of them doing... [more]


Before we met my wife was fucked by two boys when she was separated from her first husband. She had two young children and was 24 years old. Why would she do that?

Fucked by my dog

I had always wanted to experience being fucked.. although I am a male who had fucked a few girls.
At 17 Joking and playing around with my boxer dog he tried to mount me.
This made me think!
After a few times of bending over and letting him jump my jeans... I decided to g all the way!
I stripped naked and lay on my bed... my dog came, sniffed... [more]

Fucked by teenager

One of my wife’s previous lovers was a teenager aged 16 who fucked her for two years until he was 18 She was 23 at the time when he first had her. She has had 12 lovers before me. Is she a slapper?

Don't call me chicken

It's difficult to believe now that during high school, the power of the desperate, painful, crippling, yearning for sex, feeling of my virgin teenage self was over. I was not an unattractive guy by far, but I had no self-confidence, and was awkwardly shy.
The overwhelming strength of that desire set against what seemed like the total absence... [more]

Grandma Spanking

I was curious about spanking my whole childhood growing up, but my parents didn’t believe in it so I never got one from them.
When I was 12, we tools a trip out of town to visit my grandmother and stayed at her house for a week. One of the days, my parents went out on their own and I was at the house with grandma the whole day.
I was being... [more]


Been getting frisky with a friend via text, one text lead to another and before you know it we are asking each other intimate questions.
All questions are in a funny way but both of us know their is a lot of truth in the messages.
We’ve shared a lot of sexual desire and we are enjoying the fun that is until I asked her about her pussy and she... [more]

Bad boy

I should have gone to bed at a reasonable hour last night, but I stayed up late and drank way too much. Now I have a huge hangover. I deserve a long hard spanking.

My older boyfriend.

I'm 14 and a freshman, almost a sophomore. i've always made older friends. before this year, my oldest friends were around 16 or 17. but i made a bunch of way older friends with the seniors and their even older friends.
like this one guy, mike. he's 21. which is so cool cus he can buy beer for whenever we all hangout. it was mike that bet me to... [more]

Showing off my wife

When we moved in to this old house, it had what I called voyeur windows ..all large floor to ceiling even in the bathroom. one day I turned the blinds upward to see if I could catch the wife..as you couldnt see outside in the dark..but clear as day from the oitside in. shower rod caught the middle of the window frame, so you could see equally... [more]

Very embarrassing realization

I'm 42. During my teens and early 20's I considered myself to have an average size penis soft/hard. As I've aged I'm aware I've lost some length but I've become used to thinking of being just below average when erect and small when soft.
I am awake its common for overweight men to look smaller.
I've never been self-conscious of it before... [more]

Birthday suit humiliation

I've often fantasized about my friends family and work colleagues throwing me a big birthday party. I'd want pretty much everyone I know to be there. I would get so drunk that I was sick and a few of my male work colleagues take me to the toilet to clean me up. They decide I need to get changed and they send someone to get some clean clothes. But... [more]

Couldn't Hold it last night

Last night, i made big declaration without really thinking of the consequences...
I said i could hold it in all night like a big buy so i can wear boxers and not kid's tighty whiteys but i couldn't hold it caus i'm still a little bedwetter, and i when i wake up this morning....my pajama and briefs was soaked.
Now, i have proved my immaturity and... [more]

My wife knocked me out

I used to do some boxing in my younger days but never was good at it mainly because I was told i have a glass jaw and couldn't take a punch which was true since I had been knocked out 3 times in the past.
I had a little gym in our basement and sometimes my wife and I would spar and play around with gloves on. I kidded her that women shouldn't be... [more]

The Guy who became my Stepdad

In 2009 I was 10yrs old and had a loving family. (Still do.) The only thing was I lost my real dad who was killed in Afghanistan by a IED that was in a vehicle he was searching. After a year without him, my mom moved us back to her hometown. It was strange meeting people that knew my parents and knew of me, but I knew nothing of them. Eventually... [more]

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