Embarrassing Confessions

Lose Your Panties In The Playground?

If you did I have them. Caught a college couple one night at a playground. They were in a log fort structure on a platform about eye level. Hearing noises I peeked through the gap in the logs. They were screwing quietly. Her vag and his balls were clearly visible to me in the park lighting.
Her panties were also lying within reach. So I... [more]

Wilderness Hiking Bears

It was an emergency. Couldn’t hold it any longer. Couldn’t easily get off the trail to do my business because of the dense foliage. Squatting with my butt as far to the edge as I reasonably could I dropped my scat, my load of fecal dna. As an adult male I was very proud of its size.
Hearing voices I pulled my pants up without wiping and... [more]

Is my boyfriend gullible or adorable?

I told my boyfriend that I did not poot and that I never had pooted. He continued to insist that I was kidding him. He insisted that I and everyone else does. I embarrassed insisted that I did not. I think he finally believes me. Is he gullible or just adorable for not embarrassing me further?

Sexually assaulted in front of my husband

My husband and I bumped into my former fiancé while shopping. I was wearing compression leggings.
Being polite, I was open to giving him a hug. During the hug he took it upon himself to give my ass a firm squeeze and pop.
I didn't want to make a scene so I playfully told him to stop. He gave my husband a fist pump and said, "You're a lucky... [more]

Caught by my sister

I was living at my sister's house with her & her husband, I guess I should tell everyone that all my life I have wanted to be a girl. My sister & her husband worked during the day so I would dress as Joanne every day.
One day I decided to walk to the park which was four bocks away, I took a bubble bath & shaved my body, I polished my fingernails... [more]

So embarrassing

My wife has always known I had a public humiliation fetish ever since I was a kid for my birthday she decided to act out on it I was taken to new look made to try on a dress I had black tights on underneath my trousers and she picked out black strappy sandles too I came out of the cubicle to quite a lot of giggling from customers and then my wife... [more]

Asking women

What’s the most embarrassing sexual thing you’ve done? That makes your toes curl with embarrassment now? And make it sexy please!

My mother is a total slut

I'm Leo and I was brought up in a rough council estate,my mum steph was a single mum and drank heavily,I got used to seeing different men in our flat every week,I was about 14 at the time,I came home from school and witnessed 5 black guys fucking my mother,I went to my room and closed the door,after what seemed like hours they all left and I... [more]

Naked Nature Walk

I was a horny teenager at the time, so I had decided to go for a walk into a quiet, wooded area, find a private spot to store my shoes, socks and the rest of my clothes, and continue my walk completely naked.
I hiked around the area for a little while, until I heard far-off voices of a couple of women walking together. I hid from view, but they... [more]

Dad is a perv

I can remember my dad suck me many different occasions he would have me watch him fuck mom by having me hide in closet I couldn’t tell mom or anyone
He brought mom home drunk one night she could hardly walk. And he gave her a shot of bourbon told her it would stop her hangover.
She past out he had me fuck her and then he did with me watching ... [more]

Do you have advice for me?

I don’t have a 9 3/4” dick like I pretend. Flaccid it’s slightly more than a mushroom like knob. Erect, fully engorged and edged I can muster 7 1/4”. But the effective, usable length under normal circumstances is an embarrassing 5 1/2”. I’m certain no woman would be interested in a small lying man like me.

Is it difficult for you to cum when.....?

I can hardly cum when receiving a dick suck. It helps if she periodically mumbles “I love your dick” or “I love you” with my cock still firmly in her mouth. Also when I get close I need to touch her pucker hole and sniff my finger. What trips your trigger?

Ever Happen To You?

I was and am a jerker. At least once per day for about fifty years. In high school I’d fuck my date then jack off when I got home also.
In college once while studying I intermittently jerked off six times in two hours. The fifth time was a dry cum, no semen. The sixth time was a burning sensation and only a small drop of blood.
... [more]

Shocked at my daughter

This has been nawing away at me for a while now,I've only ever told one person about it,my lifelong friend val,who also told me about this site,ok so I shouldn't really be saying anything but it was strangly erotic at the time and I still quiver now when I think back,im Joan a retired school teacher,my daughter Lisa lives 6 doors down from... [more]

Well known sex toy party

Hi everyone,I'm Louise,a 43 year old married mother of two,im not allowed to mention the name of the company involved here but all you women will know who I'm on about,I was hosting the event at my house,I made sure hubby was out,there was me,my sister,my mother,my mother in law and my sister in law and Rebecca the rep from the company,Rebecca... [more]

My father the porn star

My father has recently dropped a bombshell on me and my sister by telling us he'd been approached by someone to appear in porn films,now dad is 68 and no daughter is prepared for that!! Its his life after all we can't stop him! Me and my sister just thought that he'd be with women of his own age! How wrong we were,we managed to get our hands on a... [more]

Do you know who busted your cherry?

I don’t know who took my virginity. I accepted a ride with several boys to another after prom party. They pulled over to the curb and as I was on my knees vomiting out the window someone lifted my skirt, pulled my panties aside and inserted his cock. I was in a drunken haze but remember when he finished. I think most of them took a turn with me... [more]


I am one of those parents that does not spank their kids. When we are at my parents and one of my kids gets in trouble my father spanks me in front of everyone . I think my son acts up just to watch me get paddled by my father

Girls school

I spent a year in a all girl Catholic boarding school. All the teachers were nuns except for the principal. Most of the girls thought of him as pervert because he used pat their butts making it look friendly. He used to make round through the dormitories and one night he walked into bathroom while I was showering along with other girls. I... [more]


Hello i have recently found out by accident that my 17 year old son wants to be spanked over his mummys knee if that wasn't bad enough he wants me to do it in front of his friends , should I ?


I was young and stayed outside in a camper with my friend. I was a virgin, he called a few girls to sneak over, i was terrified. When the older girls came, my friend paired up with one girl at the other end of the camper. The other two consisted of one girl that was 17 the other younger like me. The older girl asked if she could teach us about... [more]

Riding bitch

Im a 19 year old guy. Ive a female friend who recently bought a motorbike. Its only a little 250cc machine. I was over at her house last week and she was showing me her new purchase. I had never been on a motorbike before so she offered to take me for a ride on the back. I was a bit ruluctant at first as its not very cool for a guy to ride bitch... [more]

Secret control estimated

I like to go on webcam and connect up my estimated to my cock and let remote women control it and make me cum for them

Estim fun

I like to go on webcam and give women control of my estimated to make my cock grow and cum for them, sometimes wearing partners panties


I had my wife rubbing my cock. I asked if she wanted me to rub Miss Petunia. She said, " No, that's what I'm rubbing.". That's what we call your little thing. You're in a nightgown and panties! Its hard to be manly when she talks like that!

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