Embarrassing Confessions

Stripped at school by a group of boys and girls

I have thought about this experience many times before but never written it down. When I was about 16 I received an anonymous letter during the Easter holidays. It had a cutting from I discovered in later years a magazine called playgirl. It showed two young women slowly undressing a man until they removed his underpants and he was completely ... [more]

Pregnant white wife

My wife loves to have sex with black men. I love the fact that she is willing to do what feels good and what she wants. I really want her to get pregnant by a black man so everyone will know the truth about what we do.

Straight guy who wants to suck another's cock

I am a straight guy who has always wondered what its like to suck a cock. I would love for some guy to use me.

Summer with my Pretty cousin

When In 16 my cousin Helen 17 came to spend the summer with me.
We both come from Hispanic families.
My neighbor and buddy at the time was white and it wasn’t long before him and my cousin were starting to become attracted to each other. My cousin wouldn’t do anything without me and one night when my family went out and let my friend stay over... [more]

Brother’s GF

My older brother brought his 20 year-old college girlfriend home for Labor Day weekend and she was a HOT blonde bombshell. I was super turned on just looking at her. So she was staying in our sisters room and left the door open and had her clothes strewn all over the room. I walked past the room and noticed this pair of silky aqua-colored... [more]

Wearing panties in front of girls

When I was 14 I got chatting with a girl called Becky on IRC when I let slip that I sometimes wear panties. She laughed and said she sometimes makes her little brother do that. She asked me if I was wearing panties right now, I said no, and she said "then put them on, NOW!".
I was a bit embarrassed so I stalled, and asked what color they should... [more]

Barry the chipmunk

My name is Sarah. I had met Barry at the mall. We had hung out a few times but this time we decided to fool around. One thing lead to another and we both had all of our clothes off. I had recently picked up a strap-on dildo and wanted to use it. I put it on and demanded that Barry lay on my bed. I straddled him and slid the dildo into his mouth... [more]

Prim and proper

I would say my wife his quite prim and proper , She tends to look down on people especially me . She dresses smart under her suits thou she wears sexy underwear and stockings always wears high heels , But I very rarely see her in her underwear she does not let me touch her very often . Where she works they had a firm's party and they could take... [more]

Closet girl

I have never disclosed this before. I am a middle age man. Fairly decent shape. And I wear women's panties and lingerie whenever I am able. I feel extremely sexy. I feel I look pretty sexy too. I will sometimes get dressed up and masturbate while thinking about my wife pegging me, telling me what a good little girl I am

Feeling stupid

My friend and I are into daring each other into things. We have done some really stupid things. In the last year we have dared each other into some sexual things. She double dared me into sex with the old guy who lives in the house by the river. I went to the door and started flirting with him she watched me go in the house and she kept watching... [more]

Worst track record for sex probably

I’m a submissive guy and like I was happy to have a girlfriend especially a dominant woman. Now a year on and I feel like I might have the worst track record for sex than anyone. So I didn’t have a single relationship until I was 18. Not even a kiss. At a family convention when I was 17 my 18 year old 2nd cousin who’s a guy took me into the... [more]


I'll shower every morning and I'm busy all day so my knickers get sweaty. But the last afternoon my pussy smells a little whiffy like ammonia, then i have to shower again. It's not std because my husband is my only sexual partner and I was so worried about my smell, that I got all testings done. Health wise I'm good down there. So why am I whiffy?

Anal shame

Last week I watched a video my husband and I made a few weeks back, after we had a few drinks. I was on my knees, ass up, face down on the bed having the best anal screw of my life. My husband was squatting over my ass with his feet on the bed. It was deep and extremely orgasmic. He pulled out and splashed his seed all over my ass which dripped... [more]

I was a slag

When I was 14 I used to hang around with a group of 18 year old boys. They'd always flirt with me and I guess i loved the attention. One weekend they asked if they could see my tits so I flashed them. They took it in turns kissing me while sticking a finger up me. I just sat there and let them do it, they even stuck their beer bottles up me and... [more]

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