Embarrassing Confessions

Shup up, you're a conspiracy theorist lol

George W Bush is now on his knees slobbering on the left's dick, bashing Trump, literally comparing Trump voters to the 9/11 terrorists. The left, the people who claimed W stole the election and was an illegitimate president, the people who constantly referred to Bush as Hitler, those people now support him. Think the Deep State doesn't exist?... [more]

Guys: we have to protect our balls from girls knees or kicks

I've noticed that a lot of girls seem to find funny to kick our balls (or kick, squeeze). They want to humiliate us, and think it's an entertainment to see us in pain, rolling on the floor nursing our balls. We have to react and learn how to protect our balls. What do you think ?

Felt cute, might delete. But I can’t.

I went through a sissy phase when I was younger. I came across some sissy porn online and before I knew it I was putting on makeup and clothes.
Following the instructions in videos I decided to get a dildo and would take pictures and videos of myself posing with it in my ass. I even posted a few to some sites to see the comments
Once this... [more]

This is a form of humiliation? 21 year old guy

Imagine a 21 year old young man and he is a homosexual pedophile, passive, submissive and masochistic. then a little boy named bryann, 4 or 5 years old, white skin, straight black hair with slight waves at the ends and a mushroom or bowl cut, halfway up the boy's ears. the 21 year old man gets naked and kneels in front of bryann who smiles... [more]

My wrost bullying

I was 16 years old when I got stripped by a group of boys. On my way out of school they asked if I wanted to go with them to the rail road tracks. I wanted to tell them no, but went because I didn't what the to think I was being on friendly. I had no idea they were going to take my clothes off in front of four girls that were inn on the prank. ... [more]

Its embarrassing.

I am a 45 year old married man and t
Id always been straight but once id tasted this lads cock thrusting in and out of my mouth i kept meeting him for more and longer periods and he no longer rushes away after coming in my mouth .When i first came myself i was embarrassed that he`d been able to make me come just by the feel of his cock pushing... [more]

Can’t believe I fuck both of them

I’ve listed this as embarrassing as I’ve never told anyone about it.
12 years ago I lost my job and struggled to find anyway of finding an income.
I moved out from where I was renting and move in with my parents, it was a nightmare living back with my parents, I spent more time out of the house then in.
My parents were on my case about finding... [more]

Most powerful ejaculating ever

I'm a typical red blooded Male who loves women. I love everything about them, their looks, their body, their smell. Of course not every woman, but most respectable women I love. Don't care how old she is or if she has a few extra pounds, I love all women.
I have to say the best and most powerful ejaculating I have ever experienced was with an... [more]

22 year old virgin

I just wanna lose my virginity, Bro I don’t know how the fuck to feel like I feel like I’ve had chances before but my shyness kicked my ass I’m not shy anymore but I’ll still get nervous from time to time I’m just tired of waiting I’ve haven’t had a girlfriend in years it sucks and plus ima virgin but I’ve also been scared because of my appearance... [more]

He came in my mouth

I had been showing some naughty pictures of my wife to guys online, and one of they guys that saw them ended up living in the next town. He suggested we meet in person so I could show him her pics without her face cropped out. The idea of watching a guy Jack off to her pics in front of me was something that interested me, as I liked it when guys... [more]

Fantasy with the wife

I have had this fantasy involving my wife making fun of the size of my cock and telling me how she wants much bigger cocks. Now my cock is not really small, from the base it is 6 1/2 inches long and is pretty thick and I have never gotten the impression my wife thinks it’s small. I am not really sure how to bring this up to her or if I even... [more]

Strip poker with sister and friends

This is a true story of me as a young teen.
I was with my older sister visiting two teen girls who were friends of the family
After we had chatted for a while, someone suggested we play strip poker.
Picture us sat round a large table. We start playing, and all losing randomly, but I quickly realise that I am wearing far fewer clothes... [more]

Neighbours little tits

My neighbours moved in a couple of months ago. She has very small tities and wears no bras most of the time. Both of her nipples are pierced with a bar stud type and when she talks to me all i can look at is her pierced nipples through her t-shirt. I wish I couple stop gawking but you can't miss them.

Loser language help

There is a loser that comment always with one sentence "Fuck you you xx bastard! You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck." Is there a teacher who can help this poor thing write better?

Girlfriend cucked me with a dildo

My ex used to make me fuck her with a dildo if i came to early and then she would make me clean it with my mouth

Sorry, it’s the best I have

You all lead far more exciting lives than I do, after reading some of the posts I don’t really have any stories like what’s being posted.
The best and only thing I’ve ever seen is seeing a woman using tweezers to pluck her pubic hair out while she was in her car, as I returned to my car parked next to hers I could see she had pulled down her... [more]

Stayed over

When I was about 15 years old I told my friend to have a sleep over at mines that night in the morning he goes to me I recorded something when u was sleeping so I go show me. What he should me was he woke up to the sound of my mom getting fucked hard at 3am by some unknown guy yet till this day I dont no it wasn't my dad but he went to by my mom... [more]

Friends over for dinner

I am here with my brother, my mother, and my father today with my parents friends over for dinner. My whole family knows I don't own any underwear what so ever. After dinner, we all went to the living room to enjoy a nice conversation and watch some tv. I sat down on the couch with my brother and father while my mom sat down on the corner... [more]

Bunk Bed Rocking

Over the weekend myself, my brother, and my father went on a camping trip. We had a great time fishing, hiking, and just enjoying our time away from home. After the weekend is over, we all packed up the car to head home. My brother got in the front seat and me in the back seat. Since we finished our last swim, the only thing we had on were... [more]

Homophobic sissy?

I used to make fun and berate gays in school. unbeknown to them, im secretly a sissy that crossdress in private and even sometimes even wear my mom's bra and panties under my boy's clothes as i verbally picked on them sometimes i wonder if i ever got caught, they might just parade me down the halls in nothing but my undies!

Caught in the shower by Grandma

My Grandpa and Grandma were retired teachers in there 50s and lived on a 40 acre farm in the shadow of the Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia. My Mom used to say that my grandparents were hippies, even before there were hippies. It was a fun place, horses, swimming and canoeing in the river that went thru the property.
That summer when I was... [more]

Tom.s spanking

Spanked in front of my wife m8.s then she puts a nappy and plastic pants on me

Caught Cross dressing

I have been a cross dresser all of my life. Lately when I am dressed, I get an over powering desire to get caught. That is exactly what happened to me just last week. I began my day with a bubble bath & a fresh body shave, I put on my panties, bra & pantyhose then I went looking thru my closet. I chose my blue, long sleeve dress to wear, with my... [more]

Enjoys Sex And takes Who's Willing

I knew my parents swung while growing up. It was mostly with my father's family. Mom pleased my uncles and enjoyed sex play from dad's mom. I was afraid to tell anyone what went on in our house and embarrassed of being with such people. My mom was so hot then. She remarried and neglected her body. Her hot body was what turned them on. Her now... [more]

My childhood molesting story that at the time enjoyed

I'm a male in his 30's with a confession when I was about 6yo I was groomed by a family member I won't say which one because its no ones business he use to have me join him in the bathroom when visiting their home in there he groomed me into playing sword with him with our penises made it into a game this went on for more then one day over time it... [more]

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