Embarrassing Confessions

Embarrassing Hookup (Tampon+Drugs=Disaster)

Once when I was 19 I went to chill party at a friends dorm where we were all doing mdma and having fun. I ended up getting a massage from a guy friend of mine and we made out for a bit.
We went to his place and were going to fuck but I couldn't get him inside me so I gave him a bj and we went to bed later.
I woke up the next morning and... [more]

Boss and my roommmate

I have been living with a girl I knew from college for the last 6 months. She is pretty and fun and I have always had a crush on her, but even though we flirt we were always just friends.
Until recently she had a boyfriend and would spend a lot of time at his place but since she broke up with him we have been hanging out more. Last month I... [more]

Im 41 and a virgin

Probably because i have zero confidence because i also have a 3 inch penis. having said all that i dont really care. im happy masturbating and probably want to suck a cock more that have sex with a woman.

Forever farting female

During and after sex my p#ssy farts uncontrollably for quite some time so i either have to time the sex just right so i can queef it all the way out or go ahead and go out in public and just let my p#ssy fart away. But they're loud and people do notice.


I am 18 old girl with spanking habits and spanking needs. Anybody 50+ wants to spank me regularly?

My sister

So basically, there is this guy who lives in my neighbourhood and i can see his bedroom from my bedroom window and this guy has been bullying me for years. He is alot bigger than me and there isnt really much i can do and he is a real tyrant, even when im with my sister who is 20 btw, he doesnt hold back. This guy has serious nerve he even walked... [more]

Spankings When I was a Teenager

I was spanked by my mom many times in my late teenage (ages 16-19) years. Mom also spanked me a few times in my earlier years, but my spankings were accelerated in my late teens.
It all started when the school librarian spanked me in school for not returning an overdue book, after being asked to do so for many months. When she had had enough... [more]

Spanking girl

I am 18 years old girl. I want to be spanked every evening by the older man 50+.

I've posted my real name with my sissy pics onlne

Iam a naughty boy Iam a chronic masterbation addict Iam also a very kinky cross dressing Sissy this takes all of my spare time Iam so addicted to exposure its got to the stage were I post my pics with my real name so stupid and embarrassing but I can't stop

All - Rounder

Me and my wife have just bought a house that needs quite a lot of work , We know it's going to take time and money . So we got lucky we managed to get a guy that lived quite close to help us , He was a bit of a all - rounder and cheap which was perfect . Mark was his name he was saving us lots of time and money he was a godsend , My wife and me... [more]

My parents found out I'm having sex

I kind of act all sweet and innocent, so I can kind of see why my parents thought I was a virgin. It would be one thing if I had a boyfriend but how they found out wasn't very good. I went to a party with my friends and there was a lot of people from school there, my friend thought she was helping me out by leaving me there without a ride home... [more]


I met Andy in a bar having a pint , We got chatting and ended up has being really good mates . Over the years we would go out with are wife's to different functions we all got on really well . Andys wife sometimes would get paralytic drunk but we all had a laugh and a good time , One occasion when we had been out we all ended up back at Andy's... [more]

Home Delivery

We was planning on going out one night but unfortunately I got held up at work . My wife was already to go out when I got in , I rushed to get ready but unfortunately it was a bit late by the time I was ready . We was going to go out for a meal on the off chance , We decided to open a bottle of wine then order a takeaway instead of going out . So... [more]


When we first got married we rented a flat above a corner shop ,The shop owner was are landlord a guy in his 60s quite chubby bald and a bit odd . Well we could get into the shop from are flat , On one occasion we had run out of milk and bread so my wife popped downstairs to get some , She said i will pay Frank who was are landlord for it in the... [more]

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