Embarrassing Confessions

Super chub with a Problem.

I'm a 28 year old gay man who would be considered a Superchub. If you don't know what that is, its a gay man who is super morbidly obese. To make matters worse I'm extremely fair skinned, have a chubby baby face, a full head of hair, and I have very little body hair. Most people say I'm very "youthful" looking which I think is code for the fact... [more]

Spanked By Mom

I am a male in his late 20's and still living at home with his parents while I attend college. If I misbehave, I still get a spanking on my bare bottom from my mom. She puts me over her knee, pulls my pants and underpants down and applies a wooden backed hair brush to my upturned bare bum cheeks. I cry hard and kick my bare feet in the air like a... [more]

Make my bf wear diapers

I make my bf wear diapers sometimes all day but definitely every night at 7 he is thickly diapered and put to bed at 8 . he hates it i love it

Amy Knows Best

Mr "comment" guy is such a troll with a tiny little cock that cant get hard enough to fuck the eye of a sewing needle, which is why he wastes so much time here posting stupid shit over and over and over. If he had a cock that worked and could please anything he wouldn't be here. AMY knows best!

Not a whore

I'm not a whore yet my husband continues to treat me like one, he's constantly having his friends have sex with me and I recently found out he's bin charging them for this. I was under the impression that this was for us just trying to be kinky or whatever. I talked with him about it and he said if I love him I will continue this for a little... [more]

I feel bad for this girl

This girl from school was really insecure about her stomach and would always post photoshopped pictures of her waist on instagram. Some girls wanted to expose her lies in the middle of the gym so they held her arms and pulled up her top to reveal her fat belly in front of everyone. They kept poking her belly button and squeezing her fat. She was... [more]

I fucked a fat girl

Ok so like my sister brought home this fat friend of hers who was in a bad situation. She was living with her boyfriend who was a heroin junky and a girl he was fucking also. It got really messed up and my sister asked my mom if she could stay with us for a while. Well the while turned into three long years. During that time I was in and out of... [more]

Help ! I have been exposed as a sissy faggot

Yes, I guess I am a sissy faggot, sending too many sissy pics of me out online, some with dildos in my ass, some with cum on my face, many with me dressed like a sissy. Now I am seeing them all over the internet. I think it will get worse, just wished it could go away. What can I do?

Don't want him to be upset

I want to tell my husband that I don't want him to share me anymore. At first it was like a once in awhile thing . It has now become way to common of a thing. It's been over three months since he and I have been intimate alone. I tried talking to him about it and thought it was going to at least slow down. He called me from work and said to get... [more]

My butt

I have more to offer a man other then my ass, why does ever guy I date only care about fucking me in my ass. It's getting annoying. I'm pretty,I'm5'6" I weigh 128 lbs I have 36 d boobs and a fairly flat tummy. But every man I've been with just wants to screw me up the ass. Let me tell you something some of you men are too big for that it hurts... [more]


I had my wife rubbing my cock. I asked if she wanted me to rub Miss Petunia. She said, " No, that's what I'm rubbing.". That's what we call your little thing. You're in a nightgown and panties! Its hard to be manly when she talks like that!

My spunk was on her panties

Probably going to get slaughtered for this, but when my 18 year old step daughter was still living at home.
I once went into her panties draw and pulling out a pair of her knickers.
I wanked myself off until I came just a little.
Then I rubbed cock onto the crotch part of her panties.
Then put them back into the draw.
Really turned me on... [more]

Serious question

So how do you know or realize that you're gay? I'm looking for some markers to help me identify if I am or not.

Secret control estimated

I like to go on webcam and connect up my estimated to my cock and let remote women control it and make me cum for them

MM4M “Big Nigga Dick Spitroast”

Wife was out of town and I was craving dick bad, so I went on Doublelist to look at ads. One ad, “Big Nigga Dick Spitroast” sounded amazing! The ad said “two hard dick niggas looking to spitroast white sissy”. I am not a sissy, but I do love a big nigger dick now and then, so I responded to the ad and met them at a picnic table just off a hiking... [more]

Dr visit

So I had to make a appt to see the Dr I felt my plumbing was not working properly was not getting hard as often or spontaneous like before. I have a primary Dr I see I tell her everything when it comes to my health she Indian not to good looking. So I go to my appt the nurse calls me in tells me my Doctor is out today will I be find seeing doctor... [more]

Small penis husband

My husbands penis is 2 and three quaters erect on a good day. I love him and ive only been with one other guy. My best friend showed me a pic of her husbands penis and it is 8 inches.she told me that i dont know what im missing,that she doesnt even know who i can have sex with one that small. I showed her the pic and she busted out laughing and... [more]

I think they knew

I was getting ready for work the other day and was running really late, struggling to get my makeup on in the bathroom mirror etc. My husband walked in on me with his dick in his hand and asked if I was up for a quickie. I said, "No, I'm really late for work," but he kept pawing at me under my skirt, and I said, "Well, okay, but make it quick." I... [more]

My dirty secret...

Since I was 10 or maybe even younger, I've loved to tease guys and get them hard... I love it so much! I go on naughty chat/video sites and post live things of myself. I'm 15 now and still do it... I've sent nudes to guys and even had sex... I feel like I'm a massive slut but I honestly can't help it... I love the feeling of a dick being deep... [more]


Hello i have recently found out by accident that my 17 year old son wants to be spanked over his mummys knee if that wasn't bad enough he wants me to do it in front of his friends , should I ?

Asking women

What’s the most embarrassing sexual thing you’ve done? That makes your toes curl with embarrassment now? And make it sexy please!


Saw a boy get stripped bully for fun. They forced his clothes off and exposed him in front of me and other girls. When they yanked his underwear off his dick was hard as a rock. My question is how could he have gotten and erection in such an embarrassing situation? Was it un willing or did he actually enjoyed having girls looking at his dick?

Shocked at my daughter

This has been nawing away at me for a while now,I've only ever told one person about it,my lifelong friend val,who also told me about this site,ok so I shouldn't really be saying anything but it was strangly erotic at the time and I still quiver now when I think back,im Joan a retired school teacher,my daughter Lisa lives 6 doors down from... [more]

I've Only Recently Accepted That I'm a Big Fat Queer.

I'm 5'9" tall and 650lbs and I always considered myself heterosexual but when you are super fat, your options for dating women are extremely limited. I've always been a fat guy...For years it was the same old story. I would start chatting with a woman online and everything would be great until she found out that I was morbidly obese. Then if she... [more]

Female wants lots of cum

I am a married wife and I have a fantasy of having a large group of men have sex with me and all of them fill me with cum over and over again. I also want to see how much cum I can swallow from these men as well. I don't want my husband to know about this either. After they are done with me I want to go home and have sex with my husband. When he... [more]

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