Embarrassing Confessions

Why does my brother like to watch his friend fuck me?

Using the library computer to post this, I would die if someone found this on my phone or laptop.
My brothers friend likes me and when I turned 17 my sister in law got me a fake id so i could party with them. When we were going from one bar to a private party; my brother pulled on a back road and ask his wife to suck his dick.
He told me to... [more]

A naked spanking by an aunt

When I was 17 I went to stay with an Aunt and 2 female cousins both older than I by 2 & 4 years. My parents were not in any way strict and had never even smacked me as far as I can remember. My Aunt lived alone with her 2 daughters having lost her husband some years ago. It was completely different to how I lived with my parents who had by the way... [more]

Spanked By Mom

I am a male in his late 20's and still living at home with his parents while I attend college. If I misbehave, I still get a spanking on my bare bottom from my mom. She puts me over her knee, pulls my pants and underpants down and applies a wooden backed hair brush to my upturned bare bum cheeks. I cry hard and kick my bare feet in the air like a... [more]

First CFNM

My first CFNM experience was in a treehouse with my step sister and one of her friends. They talked me into getting naked. I was very turned on and erect. The wanted me to masturbate for them so I did. My step sister's friend let me feel her tits under her shirt and I came hard. It was one of the most exciting things I've ever experienced.

Caught by GF's mom

I was fucking my gf the other day at her place and her mom walked in on us just as she was coming and I was about to. I was so shocked seeing her at the door I pulled out but couldn't stop myself and her mom saw me unload on her belly. Her mom looked shocked and walked out. My gf didn't see her and I didn't tell her when she asked me why I stopped... [more]

Caught Jerking Off.

Last week, I had taken a day off from work just to relax and get caught up on some things around the house. At about 1:30 I sat down on my sofa, and decided that I wanted to watch some porn before the wife and kids got home. I put on my favorite girl on girl porn and started going to town on myself. The problem is I forgot that my kids had an... [more]

Dog licking my pussie

A couple of months ago my husband was out with the guys having a few drinks and I was at home with our dog max. It was a very hot night and I was sitting on the couch dressed in a thin cotton nightie and no panties underneath. As I was watching a movie on TV and very relaxed with my legs slightly apart enjoying the slight breeze between my legs... [more]

Watched my wife fucked right in front of me

We have an older neighbor who is a widower. His wife died shortly after we moved in. My wife had taken a liking to him, first feeling sorry for him but then mentioned several times how she found him attractive. He was a handsome guy, very confident and assertive. Sometimes he caught me off guard with his directness but he was a very nice, pleasant... [more]

I lost my virginity to my dog

Ok I lost my virginity to our dog last night. I don't know what came over me but I'd just gotten out of the shower and was laying on my bed with my hair in a towel and my bath robe on. I admit I was touching myself and running a finger in and out of me. Bandit was scratching on my door and wouldn't stop so I let him in so my family wouldn't come... [more]


Saw a boy get stripped bully for fun. They forced his clothes off and exposed him in front of me and other girls. When they yanked his underwear off his dick was hard as a rock. My question is how could he have gotten and erection in such an embarrassing situation? Was it un willing or did he actually enjoyed having girls looking at his dick?

My friend and his sister

I've been friends with this kid from college for a few years. He had a sister 7 years older than us. She is a slut and she liked to party with us. She took me to her room and told me she wanted to suck my dick,I said ok and took my pants off. After sucking me getting me as hard as it get's she took off her shorts and told me to fuck her. Here I am... [more]

Forced By wife.

I have a fantasy where I get sent to jail for a short time and my cell mate is way bigger than me and forces me to go down on him every single night at lights out.
When I get released , life goes on and nobody will know about my duties in prison. UNTIL ONE DAY .. The door bell rings and my bully of a cell mate has tracked me down. My wife... [more]

Mom caught me masturbating

My mom walked in on me masturbating. I was super embarrassed about it and couldnt even look her in the face for a while. Eventually we had a talk and she told me she was already aware that I was doing it all the time before she caught me. She also mentioned that I was very small. Now my mom knows that im always masturbating and that I have a small... [more]

Caught by the neighbor

All my life I wanted to be a girl. I have been dressing as a girl for as long as I can remember. I remember while I was still in school, I would wait until everyone went to bed, then I would go into the basement & get dressed in the clothes I took from my sister. Every time I dressed, I wanted to be as much of a girl as I could, I would polish my... [more]

Naughty but nice neighbor

I was sun bathing in the back yard and I was home alone or so I thought.
I am F 17 soon to be 18 and I stand 5'5" weigh 111 lbs, B cup breasts and I very seldom wear a bra.
Right now I a wearing my new thong bikini and I have my top off but laying within reach trying to work on my tan.
I fell asleep only to be woken by someone touching and... [more]

My wife spanks me

I want to tell you about the last spanking I received from my wife. I had displayed I consistently shitty attitude earlier in the week and at one point she announced out of frustration that I needed a spanking. Other things came up and the threat never turned into action. A few days later, the kids had a birthday party to attend. Before... [more]

Neighbor's son

For the past few years secretly I have had desires for our neighbor who's just a few years older than I am but he has his son who's 15 and I wondered how that could be being he is only 29. come to find out he got this girl pregnant when he was 14 and he raised the kid.
One day we were sitting out on the patio sipping away at a margarita that I... [more]

Embarrassed at the party.

I was not planning on giving a blowjob while at the party and I definitely was not planning on encountering one of the most publicly embarrassing moments of my life. But when I walked into the party, I knew that it could get wild. There were a lot of people there, sort of a standing room only thing. I guess I had a few drinks too many. I found... [more]

At a resturant

Last night my husband took me out to celebrate our third anniversary to black tie restaurant here in Seattle and he wanted it to be a night to remember. Well I dressed to kill and dear ole hubby couldn't keep his eyes off of me. told me so many times.
Sitting at the table which we had to wait for so we had a few drinks in the lounge and when we... [more]

Embarrassed by hospital nurse

I was in the hospital for an infection a few years ago. I hadn't showered for a few days and a Filipino nurse asked if I'd like help bathing. She put a wash basin in the middle of the room, covered the window on the hospital room door, and I took off all of my clothes. My penis isn't normally big, but with the illness I had no libido and my... [more]

Opening the restroom door

This past weekend I stayed at a nice hotel. They had a unisex restroom around from the pool. It opens with a room key and can't be locked.
I saw a hot woman, about 40 go in. I counted to twenty and then opened the door. She was sitting there peeing and nervously said "sorry." I smiled, looked in her eyes, looked at her pussy (which she... [more]

Was my Wife Tricked or not?

It was late and we had been drinking all day. We were up at the Food venders area so there was plenty of light. This girl and two guys approached us and the girl commented on the saying on my Wife's shirt. The girl looked very young, she told my Wife she had a fake ID that said she was twenty-one. She claimed to be twenty, but to me she looked... [more]

Help ! I have been exposed as a sissy faggot

Yes, I guess I am a sissy faggot, sending too many sissy pics of me out online, some with dildos in my ass, some with cum on my face, many with me dressed like a sissy. Now I am seeing them all over the internet. I think it will get worse, just wished it could go away. What can I do?

On a friends lap

I'm an 18 year old guy, two weeks ago I was at this party. I didn't have a ride back home, but was offered one from some guys I knew. The car was full, but this 20 year old guy, that I hardly knew had me sit on his lap for the 20 minute ride back. I felt his dick getting hard, and just for the fun of it, I rocked back and forth. But when he... [more]

Family secrets

I often sleep late in the mourning when my Mom usually makes the trip to the supermarket for groceries. One mourning my sister picked the lock, came in with two of her girls friends, while I was still in bed. I remember she sat on top of me, told her friends to pulled off my pajamas, She would keep me pinned so her girl friends could jerk me off... [more]

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