My husband loves to pleasure me

We have been together about five years now, married for two of them, we met in college and it was so easy to be with him. He cares so deeply about me and it shows in everything he does with me. The first time we made love he absolutely devoured me kissing and licking every part of me, he spent an hour just exploring my every curve. I was so turned on and wet that the moment his tongue found my spot I had an orgasm within minutes. He still does that today, he will start randomly from some spot on my body. My fingers, back, toes or face, anything can be his starting point but he will explore everything during foreplay. He has spent an hour on me and only gone from my toes to my thighs, one evening when my mother called me I was laying on the floor in the living room just talking to her, we talked for about an hour and a half. During that whole time he kissed, licked and sucked just my feet and calves, I was dying for an orgasm as soon as I hung up the phone.
I truly love this but I feel like I do not have the same passion to do the same thing to him. I have tried it but it is just not me and he is totally fine with it, I mean I kiss and caress him but as soon as I start to pleasure his penis I do not go anywhere else. I just do not want him to feel bad because I do not give him an hour of foreplay and he has told me on numerous occasions that if I am not into it then he is okay with it.
Do any other men spend hours on just kissing and licking their woman's whole body?

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