Wife's toy boy

I am 27 my wife is 26, we have been married for five years, for the last two I have been having an affair with my very hot divorced secretary 35 because we often attend intra and interstate company conferences together and share the same hotel room, all with my wife's knowledge and approval as she says it enhances our own sex life.
Other than at conferences we only have sex in town about once a month at my secretaries apartment where I stay over other than that my wife and I have a great sexual relationship.
My wife has started flirting with a shy young guy from out of town that started working in the real estate office next door to her legal practice, they went out for a few lunches and a few evening meals last time I was away they also went to the beach where she was able to gauge the size of his dick she said it was really large and thick and is horny to have it in her, she thinks he is still a virgin and asked if I would mind her having a toy boy starting next time I am out of town next week, I have agreed of course because she will have such fun training him the way she wants sex without any fear of being caught.
I have suggested that if everything works out he may wish to rent our vacant granny flat then he will be on tap for her.
I am sure everything will just be fantastic for all of us, I love being in such an open relationship.

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