Good for the Goose good for the Gander

My husband always had to attend conferences intra and inter state ever since before we were married, initially often when he returned and I cleaned out his suitcase there was female lingerie but I was not worried because at home he always wore panties and bras so I would just add them to the wash and put them in his draws.
Then at a company party I met his secretary a young pretty, sexy, confident, nice girl with a great body and personality obviously only interested in climbing the corporate ladder and wondered because I knew they went to the conferences together so the next day I checked his underwear draw and sure enough some lingerie was not his size, I said nothing about it because I love him and we have a great life including sex.
I have started talking to and having the odd coffee/light lunch with a good looking young country boy that moved into the apartment next door owned by his parents that are out of town for a couple of years he is working at his uncles practice as a trainee solicitor about 3 months ago he is new in town and knows nobody, I know he gets horny when we talk and think he is still a virgin, I intend really expanding our relationship what a dream if he is a virgin I will be able to teach him the exact way I like sex and he can ride me without a condom so soon even though when we meet I give him a lingering kiss and cuddle I will start to pat him on the bum while putting my leg between his to feel his hard on, I am sure we could be having sex next time my husband goes away and I hope he adds the usual extra day or two to his trip.
I am sure my husband will not mind because he has been getting plenty on the side over the last few years and I have not complained so why should he ?

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  • This is going to be so good for you Darling your pretty lucky I am sure hubby will not mind as long as you don't throw it in his face, take it easy but enjoy, that nice cock will be great in you make sure he learns to use all your holes

  • Garry and I had a great time while my husband was away with Tracy he is still very shy and a bit clumsy but loves the blow jobs I give him, he is starting to last longer when we have sex now because I always get him off first with oral, we did try anal but he is a bit big so I am getting a large dildo and butt plug to fix that.
    Hubby is quite happy with the situation but he does not want to find Garry fucking me if he comes home so while he is not at conferences or with Tracy at her place I just have to duck next door whenever Garry is home.
    This is such a terrific sat up we are all so very happy

  • Your going to work this out so well Darling, my husband got slack on sex because he was far too busy at work after a few years of marriage so I told him to get on with the job or I would get a jockey, he said OK as long as he is not someone we know or from my work and you keep it discreet. I work from home for my husband and have a lot of hard copy delivered every day so started flirting with the young delivery driver not too long he would deliver the hard copy and deliver a load of sperm in me it was so great we used to use the spare bedroom, he has started seeing a girl so I told him we would have to end our fun so I am looking for a new stud

  • I am so confident you are going to pull this off so very well, you know your husband and have been more than fair with him, I think it will be great for the both of you to be getting a bit on the side from younger lover's while both being aware and supportive.
    I really, really hope Gary is a virgin because you sound like a wonderful lady that will treat and teach him well, I also hope he really fills you up.
    Please let us know how everything goes.

  • Personally I like the way your handling his extra marital affair. Your a cool, calm and collected wife.

  • Damn Right!!!!! Have fun :) Maybe take his boxers or whatever and wear them around the house.

  • I am going to pack a couple of Gary's bikini underwear along with a set of Tracy's lingerie next trip my husband takes, he will know they are not his because Gary is much larger and Tracey smaller, then we will see if he say's anything, it look's like I only have two weeks to wait for the next conference my husband and his secretary will be away from the Sunday to the Saturday so I am going into full swing flirting, kissing, cuddling and touching Gary he always gets a roaring horn when he see's me obviously really likes me it is clear he has a large thick prick I can't think of anything else, we often have a light lunch and coffee these days and I have already indicated I get lonely when my husband is away and that he has a relationship with his secretary that I tolerate, I am always very horny because I am almost certain he is a virgin even though he is 20 he is quite shy and I like that because he looks to me to lead on everything.
    I am going to give sex with my husband a rest for a week before he goes interstate he often does that plainly to have a giant load for Tracey well this time I be be climbing the wall for that week in anticipation of sex with Gary

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