Wife stopped altogether

My wife is a very attractive woman . When she walks down the street men can't take their eyes off her. She has admitted that men come on to her all the time and she has had many lovers.She tells me she loves me and I am the only one for her. I don't believe her anymore as our sex life has dwindled to 1 or 2 times a month if that. We used to screw all the time , in every position possible and in any place. Somehow she changed and barely gives me the time of day.
So the question is what do I do to get her back ? Do I walk away , did I ever really have her or am I kidding myself.

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  • The same thing happened with my wife. Face facts, buddy. We each married a slut

  • I don't know who I married anymore. If she wants out she can have it and she can go to hell.

  • Wow, one or two times a month and your complaining. I think the last time I had sex with my wife was some time in 2016.

  • I am the gay male neighbour that will secretly suck your neglected cock.

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