My boyfriend Garry

My husband has had a long standing relationship with his secretary Tracy they go on conferences at least once a month for about a week and he goes to her place at least once a week, I have never minded because we want for nothing , he treats me very well and we have a great sex life.
A while ago I started flirting, having coffee and lunch with a young country fellow who moved into his parents unit next door while he studies for a legal degree at his uncles firm his parents are overseas for at least two years.
When my husband was last away Garry stayed with me it was his introduction to sex (yes he was a virgin) I discussed it with my husband and he was happy as long as he did not walk in while we were having sex so I occassionaly drop over to Garry's for a root he is still shy and clumsy.
My best girlfriend suggested I send him to a slave training academy just out of town she had her husband take a two week course and it really straightened him out he is so obedient and thoughtful doing everything for her without complaint she suggested a one week start up course of five days six nights would be very worthwhile for Garry so we are going to see them tomorrow, all I would need to do was convince Garry we were going to a resort together so he could get time off then get him to the centre staff would take it from there.
It sounds quite good he would be naked all week have a complete medical without any fear of any STD's because sexual training on that course is conducted with lifelike doll's, punishment is given when deserved but he would not be marked by the end of the week.
I am certain that I will sign him up and have him attend it will be fantastic.

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  • You will not regret it one little bit my mother arranged for my husband to attend a two week course before we were married it was the best thing ever, he came back so different, very obedient, patient, house proud and did everything I ever asked he is virtually at my beck and call, whenever mum comes over she always ask's how things are going because if he is trouble she can have him return for further training if necessary, I am sure that will not be needed.

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