I got busted sharing pics of husband

My husband saw the naked pics and embarrassing videos of him on my texts to my sister. She’s 2 years younger than me and we’re best friends. We share everything. He likes to be humiliated of his size and loves it when I force him to do degrading things. It started when my sister told me that my husband was perfect, he is good looking, a nice guy and took care of me financially, and wasn’t a weirdo. I laughed and agreed, but said that he has his weird side. She asked me how is he weird, so I told her about his kinks. She was like what! So I said ya, look at these. I showed her pics of him in my thongs and vids of him fucking his own ass with my dildo while I’m telling him to take the whole cock my little bitch. And one of him jacking off in my car on the highway while I tell him that no one could see his little dicklette anyway. She laughed and said you have to send these to me. We laughed and I did. A few days later she texted me to call her when I was in the kitchen. My husband heard my phone, tapped the message and saw all of the texts. He was mad. I said I was sorry, but she won’t show them to anyone. He wouldn’t talk to me. I told my sister and she felt bad, she said that she would tell me that she won’t tell anyone and delete them. She came over and told my husband that it’s no big deal, she fucks herself with her dildo as well and laughed. Then she said if it makes you feel better I’ll show you my small tits and flashed him. Now he laughed. She said she’ll delete them, but he said that as long as no one else sees them she could keep them. She asked him if he was wearing a thong now and he laughed and said shut up! She said that he can borrow some of hers and we all laughed. He later admitted to me that he was turned on that she knew, I told her that so now every once and a while she’ll tease him about it.


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  • That's nothing I have been sharing pictures of my ex's tiny cock with everyone and anyone I can think of. It's lots of fun. I'm totally enjoying myself too. I put him on several small penis websites. Yes I started him an account and pretended to be him. Then I shared his pics including facial pics. I told all those who replied where he works. This is going to be lots of fun. Wait till some of these men call on him at his house or work. I told them that I like/ I mean he enjoys giving head to men with big sexy cocks, LOL! Now all I have to do is sit back and watch the carnage.

  • I wish I could admit my panty wearing fetish to my wife. I feel so sexy in feminine attire.

  • Wow!! I wish my wife wanted to share me like that! I love the thought of being watched masturbating and I’ve always wanted to try a dildo in my ass but I’ve been to afraid of pain. Plus to be dominated like that is a huge turn on!!

  • She wants him n he wants her. So thats you fucked also... ha

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